May 23, 2024
    Are you curious to learn how a smart thermostat not only saves you energy but money too? Be cool and read our guide today.

    Be Cool: How a Smart Thermostat Saves Energy and Money

    In the U.S., homeowners spend more than $29 billion in air conditioner usage every year, according to the Department of Energy. That’s nearly 6 percent of all electricity produced in the U.S.! 

    The main reason why so much electricity is spent on air conditioning is because of old thermostat technology. Unfortunately, most U.S. homes still use mechanical thermostats that rely on the homeowner to regulate the temperature. 

    Fortunately, thermostat technology has advanced significantly in the past years, and now there are smart thermostats. Today, we will look into this thermostat technology and see how it can benefit homeowners. 

    What Is a Smart Thermostat?

    A smart thermostat is part of an innovative line of technology that most smart homes install. The term “smart” means that the device learns from your input. 

    For example, if you usually set the temperature to 78F at 1 pm on Thursdays, then every Thursday, the smart thermostat will set that temperature without you needing to do anything.

    Let’s look at some other smart thermostat features that can save money and energy.

    Accessible on Your Smartphone or Other Devices 

    Like most devices that are part of the smart home lineup, a smart thermostat can be controlled by your phone. The best smart thermostat companies even have programs you can install onto your computer. How does this save money?

    Accessing your smart thermostat on any device, no matter where you are, allows you to control the temperature of your home. 

    Adaptable Technology

    As previously mentioned, a smart thermostat learns from your input and can set the temperature based on that. 

    Additionally, most smart thermostats can be set for a specific amount of time. When the time is up, it will turn off by itself. By setting up a timer, you will be able to save money as it won’t be on longer than it should. 

    Tracks Energy Use

    A very useful feature that will save energy and money is monitoring and tracking your home’s air conditioning usage. You can access the following information:

    • Amount of time your AC has been running
    • How the climate influences your energy usage
    • Personalized tips for increasing energy efficiency 

    Truly, this feature makes it worth investing in a smart thermostat. If you’d like to learn more about installing a smart thermostat in your home, you can ask a local company that offers HVAC services

    Start Saving Money and Energy by Upgrading Your Thermostat

    As you have seen, a smart thermostat gives you complete control of your HVAC system. In turn, that will allow you to save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill while reducing your overall energy consumption. 

    So don’t hesitate any longer, and upgrade your thermostat technology today!

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