June 14, 2024

    Atrial Fibrillation Common Treatment Options

    In the US, the leading death cause is heart disease. The CDC showcases that around 600,000 US citizens are killed by heart diseases every single year. There are many different types of heart disease though so it is easy to understand why most people do not know much about what can be done once a diagnosis appears.

    Cardiac arrhythmia can be described as a heartbeat that is irregular, causing heart failure, palpitations, fainting or chest pain. The most common form of cardiac arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, which is hard to detect because symptoms might not appear or are inconsistent. Only an EKG can fully confirm it. A specialist like Ian Weisberg needs to tell you if this is what you suffer from and dictate treatment.

    Fortunately, there are different treatment options that are available. In most cases the decision is made on a person-by-person basis. This means treatment might include one or many of the treatment options available, including the common ones mentioned below.


    Our heart gets weaker as we age, similar to any muscle or organ inside our body. AF patients do have a higher stroke risk. When irregularly rapid heartbeat will not be slowed, it is possible that the heart simply stops. This is why a main goal for AF treatment is to actively prevent stroke while promoting stability in the circulatory system. This is where the appropriate combination of prescription and over-the-counter medications steps in to help.


    These are drugs that work by preventing blood clotting or coagulation. They practically keep your arteries open. Based on stroke risk and age, the doctors prescribe or recommend some anticoagulants, like heparin, warfarin or aspirin when suffering from atrial fibrillation. More sophisticated medication might be needed for the older patients. However, a younger patient might just need some aspirin.

    Beta Blockers

    Simply put, these are meds that will block or diminish stress hormone effects on your heart. For instance, adrenaline can be controlled. If you are less stressed, your heart will not beat as rapidly. Really popular beta blockers that are often prescribed to AF patients include nebivolol, bisoprolol, metoprolol and atenolol.


    If you cannot afford to or you simply do not want to take medication until you die, various noninvasive procedures can be considered. Many can correct cardiac arrhythmia. Electrical cardioversion will utilize DC shocks in order to restore your heart to the natural rate and rhythm.

    You can also consider chemical cardioversion, which is done with the use of drugs like propafenone and dronedarone. These do not have to be taken daily. An intense, short regimen of really strong prescription medication can be quite enough to deal with irregular heartbeat.

    Another popular alternative is by using Watchman Implant, which involves a non-invasive procedure by making a small cut in your upper leg. Read more about Watchman Implant from this page https://cvgcares.com/services/watchman-implant-procedure/.


    As you can see, there are different treatment options available. Remember that this condition is not deadly when properly treated, under the supervision of a specialist. Be sure that you go checked out whenever you are told to do so and that you take medication in the event that it is prescribed. This is the easiest way to live a normal life.


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