May 23, 2024

    A Homeowner’s Guide to the AC Installation Process

    If your air conditioner hasn’t been replaced in the last fifteen years or so, you need to plan on getting a new system soon. Getting a new system installed before the heat of summer really sets in can be a great way to save yourself a lot of discomfort. But what’s involved in an AC installation?

    Once you’ve picked out your HVAC installer and scheduled an appointment, it can be helpful to know what to expect on installation day. Read on to learn more about AC installation and what your AC swap-out will look like.

    Removing the Old System

    On the day of your AC installation, your contractor will begin by removing your old system. Oftentimes, they’ll begin by removing your outdoor air condenser unit. Once that equipment is safely cleared, they’ll move inside to take out your indoor evaporator coil, which is likely located in your attic.

    With the two major pieces of equipment moved, your HVAC company will start removing the old refrigerant lines connecting the indoor and outdoor units. They may also have to take out the old wiring that powered your system in order to install new high-voltage lines.

    Prepping the Area

    Once your old system is out of the way, your HVAC technician can start prepping your home for the new system. Outside, they’ll set up a new pad that your condenser will sit on. This service often involves adding a concrete or gravel base to level the pad and keep your new condenser unit steady.

    Indoors, your installation team may need to set up a new support system for your evaporator coil. Modern coils are often larger than older models in order to make them more efficient. If this is the case with your system, or if there has been any damage to the existing support system, your installers will set up new supports. 

    Installing and Testing the New System

    At this point, the exciting work of the installation will begin: bringing in the new equipment. Your AC professionals may start indoors with the new evaporator coil before moving on to the new refrigerant lines. They’ll continue their move outside, putting the new condenser in place, installing the filter drier, and setting up any new wiring that’s needed.

    After all the new equipment is in place and hooked up, your AC installation company will test everything to make sure it works. They’ll put your thermostat on different settings and make sure it’s controlling the system appropriately. They’ll also check for any strange noises, make sure the new condenser is level and secure, and look for any leaks or shorts throughout the system.

    Learn More About AC Installation 

    Getting a new AC system installed can be very exciting, and knowing what to expect can make installation day much simpler. Your AC installation will begin with removing all the old equipment, followed by prepping your house for the new system. Your AC installation company will put your new system in place, hook it up, and make sure it’s all working correctly.

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