July 13, 2024
    Summer Backyard Ideas You'll Love

    7 New Things to Add to Your Backyard This Summer

    Imagine that you’re planning a huge homecoming for one of your closest friends. You have a ton of summer backyard ideas swirling around in your brain, but you aren’t sure how to start creating the backyard you’ve always wanted. The one thing you do know is your backyard really needs a makeover. 

    Besides, with the weather heating up you really want a place to wow your guests. It’s natural to make your backyard a place for social gatherings and barbeques. Adding a screened-in porch in the backyard is ideal for socializing but not an option for those on a budget. Without breaking the bank, how exactly will you pull it off?

    The solution is simple: you just need a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We have 7 ideas for your backyard that you’ll love, so read on to find out more!

    1. Outdoor Rugs Put You a Step Above 

    First, we’ll start with a simple addition that will totally transform your patio space: the outdoor rug. Never considered an outdoor rug before? You should, as they are a simple way to add texture and color to your outdoor area. 

    After spending the day out in the hot sun, you need somewhere to place your tired feet. An outdoor rug will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere you’ve always longed for.

    These rugs are made of synthetic material. If properly taken care of, your rug will last years before needing a replacement.

    Whether you’re going for a bohemian paradise or an elegant look, an outdoor rug will always deliver. They’re also easy to clean and can be easily folded and put into storage for later.

    2. Light up the Night With Lights

    We get it, an outdoor oasis is your main goal. String lights are a piece of summer backyard decor that provides a romantic touch that amplifies your space. Hang them from your patio or around your back door and watch the space change. 

    The moody, yet serene vibe that string lights add to your space is unmatched. This simple addition is an easy way to get your backyard makeover off to a great start.  

    3. Plant the Garden of Your Dreams

    Plants bring in a peaceful and calming color to any space, including your backyard. A garden allows you to take a small step into a more sustainable life. It’s also a great stress reliever to go out and check the progress of the garden after a tough day at work. 

    But the best part of having a garden is when you have company over. All your friends will love having a fresh zucchini squash on the grill or a just-picked watermelon every time they come over. 

    4. Start the Fire You Desire 

    No summer backyard ideas are fully complete until a firepit is considered. A firepit is a great way to start a spark of conversation in your backyard and create lasting memories. You’ll be able to whip up s’mores in a few minutes from the moment the pit is installed.

    For an added touch, you can DIY the pit yourself to really make the space unique. If you have space, adding a walkway to the pit is a great way to give it an elegant flair. 

    5. Get to Rockin’ for Relaxation 

    Rocking chairs are an addition that everyone will appreciate. Not to mention, they’re also great for pain management and will increase mobility. You’ve commonly seen rocking chairs on the front porch, so consider mixing things up and placing them in the backyard.

    While everyone’s enjoying the party out back, you need a quiet place to relax while still being involved. When you place a rocking chair in your backyard, it’ll provide instant coziness while still allowing you to take part in the fun.   

    6. Update Your Look With Outdoor Furniture 

    A sectional is a great way to bring groups together. Add a few chairs and a table, and you’ll have a place to eat and chat while outside. Integrating any type of outdoor furniture will take your backyard up a notch. It is not only tables and chairs that bring you all together, why not arrange a barbeque, and go all out with a Crown Verity bespoke grill, absolutely perfect for those wonderful summer evenings with your nearest and dearest. 

    A sectional is a great way to bring groups together. Add a few chairs and a table, and you’ll have a place to eat and chat while outside. Integrating any type of outdoor furniture will take your backyard up a notch. 

    Even if you already have outdoor furniture, consider switching up the faded pillows to refresh the space. A simple change from blue to orange will be enough to make the set feel brand new. 

    If you have it in your budget, replacing the set altogether is an option. You can add a dining table and outdoor chairs, a full sofa, and an umbrella for when the sun is shining a little too bright.

    Patio furniture is an investment you’ll always get a return on. You can get ready for summer with these outdoor furniture sets by browsing the different options. 

    7. Buy a Tank Pool to Keep Cool

    Anytime you mention a pool, someone’s bound to talk about fun summer memories. A tank pool is among one of the best DIY backyard summer ideas that can be installed at a low price. 

    A tank pool is an alternative to a traditional pool that’ll keep on giving, year after year. Before installing, make sure you plan where all the parts will go. Although it’s smaller than a regular pool, it still requires the same upkeep. 

    Soak up These Summer Backyard Ideas 

    Although deciding how to bring all the backyard elements together is a big job, figuring out great summer backyard ideas doesn’t have to be hard. With these 7 ideas, your creativity will shine and your backyard will be a place where entertainment and comfort come together. 

    For more inspiration, or to learn more about how to make your backyard the best spot in your home, check out some of our other blogs now!


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