July 14, 2024

    6 Types of Tools You Need for Landscaping

    When you hear the word “landscaping”, you likely think of a whole bunch of tasks. That’s because landscaping is a broad service – it includes gardening tasks like weeding, mowing, and trimming hedges while also covering projects like patios and decking.

    Overall, landscaping is about creating a beautiful outdoor space. It’s not just skill that ensures the result is impressive, though. To manage a superb finish every time, you’ll need the following six types of tools (at least!).

    1: A Lawn Mower

    There are many lawnmowers on the market. Some are more expensive than others due to their power, speed, and adaptability. Others might be cheaper and work well for small jobs but won’t cut it for the long run.

    When buying a lawn mower, consider its ease of use before anything else, as it’s a piece of equipment you will likely use again and again. You might find purchasing an expensive, high-quality lawn mower is the more cost-effective option.

    2: Grouting Tools

    For the hardscaping tasks, you will need grouting tools such as the grout sponge, margin trowel, buckets, and mixer. For these tools, quality matters a lot. This will ensure that the material injected during construction stands the test of time. The last thing you want is to finish a job for your client, only for them to complain a couple of weeks or months later! To ensure that doesn’t happen, find grouting tools that are high in quality and cost-effective.

    3: A Blower

    A blower is a versatile, handy piece of equipment that all landscapers should own. It’s great for multiple reasons. Not only does it work swiftly at blowing leaves out of the way, but it also works well at clearing paths, cleaning gutters, and even removing snow! It will be your useful companion, so get one that works for you. They generally come in two types – handheld and as a backpack. Ideally, own both.

    4: Hand Tools

    You cannot be a landscaper without owning a good set of hand tools. These include shovels, pruners, leaf rakes, shears, and other general gardening tools that you’ll inevitably need during your projects. Like many other pieces of landscaping equipment, it’s essential to choose quality over a cheap deal. If you’re low on costs, you could hire high-quality tools as you go while slowly building up your collection over time.

    5: Hedge Trimmer

    A hedge trimmer trims and shapes hedges and comes either gas-powered or electric. When browsing for hedge trimmers, there are a handful of things to consider – most notably, comfort and portability. Your hedge trimmer will go where you go, so ensure it’s a high-quality model that you find comfortable to work with. For this, you might spend upwards of $500, but it will be worthwhile.

    6: A Truck

    Lastly, you’ll need a truck to kickstart your landscaping business. A truck will serve you in multiple ways. First, it will get you from point A to point B, ensuring you always arrive at your jobs on time, with all the necessary equipment. As well as that, a truck can even help with marketing if you choose to paint your logo and brand name onto the vehicle. Then, when you drive around, you’ll be advertising your landscaping business.


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