April 24, 2024
    It is important to keep up with routine elevator maintenance for your business. Check out these 5 important elevator maintenance tips for more information.

    5 Incredibly Important Elevator Maintenance Tips

    Did you know that elevators account for 30 fatalities and 17,000 serious injuries per year? This staggering number will leave you wondering if your elevator is up to code. 

    But if you’re not sure, it’s best to not risk it! So keep reading our article on the best maintenance tips for elevators.

    1. Clear Your Machine Room and Pit

    One of the first preventative maintenance steps you can do take is to ensure your machine room and pit are clear. This means not using these rooms are storage facilities.

    The law states that these rooms are only to be used in the case of an emergency or maintenance. Therefore, it’s best not to have this area cluttered in the case of an emergency escape. 

    2. Watch Out for Different Safety Regulations

    When looking at your maintenance checklist, ensure that you are keeping up with safety regulations.

    If you’ve done your building maintenance, your elevator should be one of the safest ways to travel in your building. However, you must keep up with updates on technology. This means investing in elevator modernization and keeping up with DOB requirements. 

    2. Perform Routine Maintenance

    When doing regular business maintenance, ensure you’re also checking the elevators. When doing so, check for any leaks, cracks, weird sounds, and bad drops. Doing daily inspections can also save you money on larger repairs in the future!

    When doing your daily repairs make sure you check the machine room and pit! Not just the elevator and doors.

    3. Fix Bad Equipment

    This maintenance tip goes hand-in-hand with performing daily inspections. For example, if you’re doing a daily inspection and you find a dead light bulb, quickly replace it. Also, always use the best elevator parts possible to keep service as safe and reliable as possible.

    Doing so will avoid complaints but also injuries in the case of a serious malfunction. Overall, the faster you’re aware of an issue, the faster you can halt people from using it and prevent injury. That said, you should always work with a goods lift installer to avoid accidents that can happen from maneuvering heavy goods like palettes or waste bins.

    4. Use the Right Cleaning Products 

    Although it’s important to clean elevators regularly, it’s also equally important to use the right tools and products.

    So when cleaning your elevators, avoid industrial cleaners. These types of cleaners are the main cause of corrosion which then leads to malfunctions. Instead, only use products, that have been recommended by your elevator maintenance company!

    5. Pay Attention to the Weight Limits 

    Every elevator has a unique weight limit. So ensure that you’re not overloading the elevator with too much weight. Doing so can cause premature damage to your mechanics. 

    It’s recommended that you never carry an item that weighs more than a quarter of the elevator’s entire maximum weight limit.

    This rule also goes for overloading the elevator with too many people. This can be a health hazard as it can lead to a crash. So ensure you know your elevator’s body capacity. And make sure you have visible signs that warn others of how many people can be in at once!

    The Best Elevator Maintenance Tips

    Now that you’ve read the best maintenance tips, your occupants will always be safe. And this is one of the most important parts when it comes to, preventative maintenance on elevators.

    If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our blog where we talk about other maintenance topics! 


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