April 17, 2024
    Having a hazardous job can go unnoticed. Read this guide to learn about the top hazardous jobs and how to stay safe in these industries!

    5 Hazardous Jobs Everyone Should Know About

    According to research, every 99 minutes, a worker died on the site of their job in 2019!

    Those who work in hazardous jobs are at greater risk of suffering injures from their work duties. The probability is so high it makes employers pay a higher insurance premium for those working in dangerous jobs. Even so, many people decide to seek these risky jobs to reap the benefits from them.

    Maybe you’re one of these people and would like to know more about these risky jobs. On the other hand, you could also be looking for some fun insight into industries you know little about. Whatever the case may be, below are some of the top five hazardous jobs in America.

    1 Log Workers

    A logging job is the most dangerous in the United States. The accident rate for the industry was 21 times higher than the average job nationwide.

    Log workers harvest the forest to provide raw materials for wood and paper products. Their risky jobs make them spend most of their time outdoors in extreme conditions in isolated places.

    For falling trees and handling logs, workers use heavy machinery. Contact with equipment or logs is the foremost cause of logging workers’ deaths.

    2 Construction Workers

    The work for residential construction projects involves tough physical labor. Workers unload building materials, construct scaffolding, dig trenches, and operate other construction machinery.

    After the completion of the job, workers will clean the construction site. Accidents have happened during clean-ups, but many workers die from accidental falls despite following safety protocol.

    3 Roofers

    Roofers will install, repair, and replace roofs for homes and businesses. Works climb on top of roofs to add materials and secure them in place.

    For the workers to reach the roof, they must use ladders and other equipment, which can be a workplace hazard. Among roofers, falls from ladders or roofs are the most common cause of fatal work injuries.

    4 Maintenance Workers

    A maintenance worker’s risky jobs routines include fixing machines, equipment, and buildings. Also, their risky jobs involve working with electrical and plumbing systems.

    Maintenance workers often perform repairs, order supplies, and assemble new equipment. In the industry, workplace injuries often come from heavy machinery malfunction.

    5 Flight Engineers and Pilots

    Flight engineers job includes checking aircraft conditions before and after fighters. Pilots must make sure their aircraft is fully fuelled and well-balanced before takeoff.

    During the flight, pilots will have to multitask their duties, and some may struggle with it. For example, they have to watch their systems and communicate with traffic control systems.

    Most of the crashes involve private planes and helicopters. There are fewer reports of accidents with commercial airplanes and jets, but safety equipment like aircraft life vests is still vital in the rare case of emergency.

    What Do You Think About These Hazardous Jobs?

    These hazardous jobs often entail the use of heavy equipment and machinery, which makes workers more prone to workplace injuries. To protect yourself against accidents in these jobs, read all safety protocol handbooks.

    Do you know of any other hazardous jobs? If so, comment below and let us know, and don’t forget to follow us on social media.


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