April 24, 2024

    5 Effective Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity

    Did you know employees waste 2.09 hours daily on non-work-related activities? Although technology has improved employee productivity by automating tasks and boosting communication, wasted hours are still a concern in the workplace.

    Workforce productivity directly impacts a business’s profits and performance. For a business to thrive, it must find ways of maximizing workforce capabilities while maintaining high morale.

    If you run a business and are struggling with employee productivity, read on to learn tips on how to transform your company.

    1. Communicate Effectively for Employee Productivity

    Communication feels simpler with the advent of technology, but the average employee spends longer answering emails than doing almost anything else. For more productive employees, opt for social networking tools that promote quicker communication.

    For certain tasks, voice-to-voice communication can also be more efficient. Handling an issue with a phone call can avoid hours of back-and-forth emails.

    2. Incentivize Employees

    Give your employees a reason to be more productive. Recognize productive employees in a way appropriate to their preferences, whether with a private message or public recognition.

    The incentives can be small, like gift certificates or even simple “thank you” notes. They will boost morale, encourage the employee to maintain their productivity level, and entice others to match it to earn recognition.

    3. Allow Remote Work

    77 percent of remote workers claim they are more productive when working from home. There are fewer distractions and employees have more flexibility in when and how they work.

    Offering remote work as an option also ensures that an employee who is too ill to come to work in person can still be productive instead of taking a day off. Find out more about remote work to see how it can benefit your business.

    4. Provide Better Training

    When you train your employees, their productivity increases. If you are incorporating new software or tools into the business, you want to offer hands-on retraining sessions to allow employees to learn as they work.

    Training gives employees confidence, as well, making them likelier to take on more complex tasks.

    5. Improve Workplace Conditions

    The right workplace conditions can improve team productivity. Natural light allows employees to sleep better at night because it affects their circadian rhythm, letting them focus more on their job the following day.

    Include plants in the office. Employees feel more comfortable in spaces with plant life, and comfort translates into efficiency.

    Avoid keeping the walls bare and white. Instead, opt for red paint to boost productivity, blue to enhance creativity, or green to increase motivation.

    Happier Employees Are More Productive

    Giving your employees the chance to work as they prefer, whether remotely or in a space that is welcoming and nurturing, will affect their output. With the impact employee productivity can have on your business, this is one area in which you want to focus.

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