April 24, 2024
    From the simplest lawns to the most ornate landscapes, these yard maintenance tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you out!

    4 Yard Maintenance Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Your yard is starting to look a little worse for wear. It’s covered in dead leaves, the grass is turning brown, and weeds are growing everywhere.

    How can you get things back under control so you can start enjoying your landscaping again? It’s all about prevention. You’ve got to water your lawn before the grass gets dry. 

    Regular tree pruning will stop your plants from dying by keeping diseases at bay. These aren’t the only yard maintenance tips that you should live by. 

    Check out this planting guide to learn how to keep your backyard in tip-top shape all year-round. 

    1. Keep Your Yard Clean 

    The first step of landscaping maintenance is to keep the yard clean, especially if you have kids that play in it. They’ll pick up anything they can find and put it in their mouths.

    Having a bunch of pinecones and other waste in your yard doesn’t do wonders for your curb appeal, either. Grab a rake and clean up any dead leaves and pinecones. Dead tree branches should be picked up off the ground as well. 

    2. Know When to Plant  

    Every yard care guide will tell you that planting a few flowers will brighten up the place. That is if you know how to keep them from wilting and dying. 

    If you’re going to plant flowers and seeds, do so in the spring. Many species of plants thrive during this time. We will say that some plants do better during the winter. 

    You’ll need to do your flower research online before you buy seeds. This way, you don’t miss their planting window. 

    3. Controlling the Weed Population 

    Don’t wait for weeds to get out of hand before you take care of them. They take nutrients away from your plants and can really harm your curb appeal. 

    To this end, you should grab a pre-emergent applicator and apply it to your garden. This will control the weeds without harming your plants. 

    If you can’t find a pre-emergent applicator, you should at least go outside and trim the weeds down to size before they bring harm to your flowers. 

    4. Tree Pruning 

    Pruning your tree branches can stop diseases from spreading throughout the plant and promote new growth. Handling this job is so easy that anyone can do it, but there are few things you should keep in mind. 

    You’ve got to get the timing right or it will be hard for your tree to bloom new flowers or fruit. If you go too high up a branch when pruning, it will harm the plant. 

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    Yard Maintenance Tips to Live by 

    Is your lawn looking a little worse for wear? It’s never too late to implement proper yard maintenance. As long as you follow the tips that you’ve read here today, you’ll get your lawn back in tip-top shape in no time. 

    Are you looking for more ways to keep your home looking gorgeous? Check out the Life & Household section of our blog daily for all the latest hacks. 


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