April 24, 2024
    Does your home always seem to be a mess, no matter how much you clean and tidy things? Here's how to keep a clean house by getting into a daily routine.

    4 Daily Habits to Keep Your House Clean (Plus 1 Bonus Tip)

    Does it feel like your home is always a mess? While you likely know how to clean your house, keeping on top of an ever-growing house cleaning checklist is another matter. 

    The truth is, the secret to a clean house isn’t more cleaning or even hiring house cleaning services to do the work for you. Instead, it’s about finding ways to lighten your cleaning load with smart daily habits and small changes. 

    Wondering how to keep your house clean? Keep reading for our top tips!

    1. Always Make Your Bed

    It’s all too easy to dump piles of clean laundry, rejected work outfits, and other bedroom debris on an unmade bed. This is why it’s important to make your bed first thing. Although it doesn’t take a minute, making your bed helps instill a sense of order and productivity that you’ll then be able to carry through to your next task. What’s more, seeing your freshly-made bed every time you walk into your bedroom will inspire you to put your clothes and other items away. 

    2. No Shoes Indoors

    One of the most effective ways to avoid having to clean your house so often is to enforce a no-shoes policy indoors. When you leave shoes at the door, you prevent germs, toxins, soil, and leaves from making their way into your home. Although, you’ll need to put a coat rack and a shoe organizer by your front door to make sure your entryway always looks neat.  

    3. Dust, Vacuum, and Wipe On the Regular

    How many of you add new items to your house cleaning checklist every day but save the chores for the weekend? Instead, a few minutes of dusting and vacuuming at least three times a week and a quick kitchen wipe down every day will save you from the dreaded weekend grime-busting mission. Then, when you feel that your home is in need of a deep clean, call Rescue My Time cleaning service and let them handle the hard work!

    4. Everything Has a Place

    Junk and clutter can soon start to pile up if you’re not careful. But the best way to keep your surfaces clean and tidy is to have a designated place for every single item. Whether it’s a decorative bowl for keys, a shelf for your mail, or a drawer for chargers, there’s no excuse for leaving items on the floor or elsewhere if it has a home. Not only will this rule keep your home tidy, but it’ll also be a lot easier to find things when you know where to look for them!

    Follow These Clean House Tips

    Following these tips can help you maintain a clean house no matter what you’ve got going on in your life. 

    As for the bonus tip we promised: delegate, delegate, delegate! The more people in your household, the more mess so it’s only fair that everyone pitches in. After all, if even toddlers can tidy away their toys then there’s no excuse for not helping!

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