May 23, 2024

    3 Types of Employee Time Clocks

    An employee time clock is a must-have tool your business can use if you have employees who you pay by the hour. 

    Time clocks are helpful for gathering data for your payroll. They help businesses keep track of when exactly employees arrive and leave. This way you’re easily able to track how many hours everyone has worked. 

    Time clocks are even helpful for security reasons. It makes sure you can track which employees were present at any given time. More sophisticated systems even remove the risk that employees are signing in with each other’s information. 

    Read below to learn more about the different time clock options for your business. 

    Manual Time Clocks

    These are the most popular time clocks because they are so simple. The most common manual time clock is a punch clock. Employees put their card into the punch time clock, it registers the card is present, and prints the date and time onto the card. 

    The benefit of this system is that it is cheap. The big problem is that, due to its simplicity, it is easily worked around. Time cards can be lost or damaged, employees can sign in for one another, and sometimes the time is incorrect. 

    Digital Time Clocks

    Digital employee time clocks are a step up from punch clocks. Employees sign into a system using their employee numbers, and the system keeps track of the times they log in and out.

    This is a great middle-ground for time clocks. It is more sophisticated than the punch time clock, but not as expensive as the higher-end systems. There is no extra equipment that is needed for this system, since employees don’t need time cards or keys. 

    Another benefit is that digital time-stamping is more accurate than the punch clock. Payroll data is also more easily analyzed.

    The downside of this system is that it is still simple enough to be easily outwitted. Employees can still sign in for each other if they have one another’s employee numbers. 

    Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

    A biometric fingerprint time clock allows employees to scan their fingerprints when they arrive and leave. The system can also be set up to scan badges, cards, or other employee identifiers. But the highest security option is biometric scanning. 

    The biggest benefit of this system is that it can be easily integrated into other electronic business management tools. You can create schedules, review payroll data, and analyze labor distribution. 

    Another benefit of this system is that it makes it much more difficult for employees to sign in for one another. This streamlines your business operations and reduces security risks. 

    The downside of this system is that it is pricier than less sophisticated options. For more information about this type of time clock, check out

    Using Employee Time Clocks

    Using time clocks is a great way to streamline your business. More accurate information allows for better business management. 

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