April 24, 2024

    3 Major Tips for Using a Water Bong

    More and more states are legalizing weed. New Jersey is betting on the plant to boost tourism and draw convention crowds.

    With so many options to get your hands on legal marijuana now, how will you decide to smoke it? There are joints, bongs, spliffs, vapes, etc. Some methods call for certain scenarios, don’t they?

    While you wouldn’t want to bring your water bong on the boardwalk anytime soon, it is great for social gatherings and private use. If you’re not sure where to start, read our three water bong tips below.

    1. Practice Deep Breathing

    Before you start smoking a water bong, you’ll want to practice long, slow, deep breaths first. To increase breathing capacity, try exercising your diaphragm as it will open up your lungs.

    The next time you’re using a water bong, you will notice that your endurance is much higher. Since you can take longer breaths, that means you’ll be able to take a larger hit. We also recommend avoiding alcohol intake as it’ll inhibit your intake capacity.

    For something that doesn’t occupy much space yet maximizes efficiency, look here to purchase a straight tube.

    2. Grind Your Dry Herb

    When learning how to use a water bong, you’ll soon realize that finely grinding your herb will do wonders for your smoking session. While you can use scissors in a pinch, we wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, get your hands on a quality grinder.

    When your dry herb is finely ground, it will burn slowly and evenly. You don’t want large pieces. Having finely ground herbs will be a much better experience when smoking socially too (you don’t want to be that guy).

    3. Prevent Coughing With a Mint

    You’ve heard the phrase, “when you cough, you get off”, but does it have to be this way? When using a bong, most people do cough, but it’s not necessary to achieve the high.

    Coughing occurs because your mouth and throat are dry from the smoke. You can’t drink water when getting high with a water bong, so what’s the solution?

    We recommend using a mint or gum. This will keep your mouth and throat nice and moist and will prevent some coughing. Take extra caution as you don’t want to end up choking.

    Enjoy Your Next Smoking Session With a Water Bong

    The next time you use your water bong, be sure to refer to our guide above. Each smoking session will be a bit different, so take your time to learn. This is especially true for newbie smokers.

    As you learn more about the plant and what it can do for you, you’ll want to try different methods. Whether you’re a loner stoner or prefer a party, the choice is always yours. Do you have a favorite strain these days?

    To keep up with the latest news and trends in the marijuana industry, be sure to check out our blog.


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