May 23, 2024
    Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities, including building maintenance. Here are three signs it’s time for a commercial roof replacement.

    3 Major Signs it’s time for a Commercial Roof Replacement

    Commercial roof replacement isn’t inexpensive, so it isn’t something you want to do before it is necessary. On the other hand, roof damage can damage your entire structure and the contents. 

    Knowing the early signs that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan can help you plan for replacement. 

    Ready to learn a little more about commercial roofing systems?

    Commercial Roof Types

    Your commercial building may have a traditional shingle roof, a steel roof, or a flat roof. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and each gives different indicators when they begin showing signs of aging

    Shingled Commercial Roofs

    Common on both commercial and residential properties, most people are familiar with the appearance of a shingled roof. One of the benefits of a shingled roof is that you can tell relatively easily from the ground if your roof is having problems. 

    Signs to watch for:

    • Missing shingles
    • Curling, bubbling, or cracks in the shingles
    • Moss growing on or gravel missing from the shingles 

    Generally, if you notice something looks off with your shingle roof, you should get it checked out. 

    Steel Commercial Roofs

    Steel roofs are a popular commercial choice as well. Like with shingled roofs, you can often spot signs of trouble from the ground. 

    Signs to watch for:

    • Visible corrosion
    • Any bent, loose, torn, or warped metal sheets
    • Flashing or fasteners that are missing or damaged

    Flat Commercial Roofing

    Commercial flat roofing is a popular choice for many different commercial applications. The one main disadvantage flat roofs have over other choices is that it is difficult to see what is going on from the ground. 

    How to make sure your flat commercial roof stays in good shape? There’s no substitute for getting some eyes on it.

    Whether you want to check it out occasionally or have a professional, like HP Roofing Pro, inspect it as part of routine maintenance, visually inspecting the roof ensures you find any small problems before they become big ones. 

    Signs to watch for:

    • Extensive or frequent water pooling
    • Weakness in the seams
    • Rips or other damage to the roofing material

    Commercial Roof Replacement or Repair?

    The decision of whether to repair or replace your commercial roofing can be a challenge. Small areas of damage are easy to repair and can extend the life of your roof, but sometimes, even with smaller problems, it makes sense to replace the roof. 

    One example of this is with some flat roof options. Tar and gravel roofs are a challenge to inspect simply due to the material. If you are experiencing small leaks and the contractor is having trouble pinpointing the location of the damage, replacement may be the smarter choice. 

    Commercial roofing systems have a lot of responsibility in keeping your inventory safe and your business up and running. If you are constantly trying to patch leaks, replacement is likely more affordable in the long run. 

    Maintaining Your Building

    Did you find this article interesting? Are you looking for more ways to keep your commercial property in good shape? Commercial roof replacement is one of many responsibilities of a property owner. Explore the website for more ideas on making smart choices for your business. 


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