April 24, 2024
    Many homeowners forget to take proper care of their windows. This guide explains what homeowners should know about window maintenance.

    What Homeowners Should Know About Window Maintenance

    Your home’s windows should last between 15 and 30 years depending on the types of frames you have in place. But the key to making them last that long lies in taking proper care of them.

    For most homeowners, routine window maintenance can seem a bit confusing. After all, there aren’t tons of components that you need to worry about, so where do you start?

    Here are a few key things to know about caring for your windows so you can keep them in great shape for years to come.

    Routine Window Cleaning Matters

    Washing your windows doesn’t just make your home seem brighter and more welcoming. It also helps keep the entire window and frame system in better shape.

    As dirt builds up on the inside and outside of the windows, it can lead to scratches and smudges in the glass.

    By cleaning your windows on a regular basis, you’ll keep that scratching to a minimum and will be able to preserve the panes for years to come. Clean the insides of your windows at least once a month and hire a glass cleaning service to clean the exterior at least once a season for best results.

    You’ll Need to Make Window Repairs Fast

    Your windows are a major buffer against the elements. When they’re damaged or cracked, the temperatures outside can influence the temperatures indoors.

    Get in the habit of inspecting your windows once a month. If you notice any signs of damage, call a window repair expert and let them assess the damage.

    The sooner you can take care of minor repairs, the longer you’ll be able to keep your windows in place. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your windows and will help keep your energy bills lower each month.

    Caulking Will Degrade Over Time

    Most modern window frames sit flush against the walls of your house to adequately block the elements. They’re then sealed with caulking to cover the seams and reduce the risk of leaks inside your home.

    Unfortunately, that caulking will degrade over time. When it does, you’ll notice drafts and changes in the temperature inside even when your HVAC system is running full tilt.

    The easiest way to prevent this damage is to inspect the caulking around your windows once each year. If you notice cracks or see parts where caulking is gone, replace it. Doing so will protect your window frames and walls from warping and can help you stave off getting a window replacement for years.

    Staying on Top of Window Maintenance Matters

    The key to keeping your windows in good condition lies in taking care of routine window maintenance often. By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your windows in like-new condition for years.

    The longer you can keep your existing windows in place, the more you’ll save.

    Looking for more tips to help you better maintain your house over the years? Check out our latest posts.


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