July 13, 2024
    Do your gutters keep getting clogged with all kinds of buildup? Here's what you can do about it. Learn all about what gutter guard is best for your home!

    What Is the Best Type of Gutter Guard for My Home?

    It’s your first big rainstorm in your new house. You had all the proper inspections done, so you have no reason to believe anything’s wrong outside.

    But as you look out the window, you realize how wrong you were. Water is overflowing out of your gutters and falling around your foundation!

    You go out the next day and learn that your gutters are clogged. That’s why they were overflowing.

    You clean them out but realize that this is a temporary fix. Now you want to put a guard on top of your gutters to keep debris out

    This guide will help you choose the right gutter guard for your home.


    Stainless steel filters are extremely popular right now. These use microscopic holes to ensure only water will fall through and into your gutter. The idea is that any other debris will either stay in place on top of the filter or fall off the top and onto the ground. 

    These do just fine unless you live in a high pollen area. In this case, the filters will need cleaning. The filters will clog and obstruct the water flow otherwise.


    Covers are meant to shield your gutters from the buildup of debris. These are designed for water to roll over the top of them and then into your gutter’s trough. 

    The problem is that most of these covers catch debris rather than shedding it. Grooves created by installation gather leaves and other debris that sit in your gutter guards and obstruct the flow of water. To prevent this, you have to pry that debris out of the covers.

    But if debris is building up in these covers’ grooves, it is also getting into your gutters where you can no longer clean them.

    These may not be the best option if you live in an area with a lot of trees and heavy winds. Those winds generate most debris in the air. This is what causes gutters to clog.

    Perforated Aluminum Guard

    Perforated aluminum guards are designed with holes throughout the top that do not allow small debris to fall into the gutter. This prevents the buildup of debris inside your gutter, which can add weight to your gutters and cause them to pull away from your home.

    Above All Gutter VAC boasts that these will prevent dry spaces in your gutters, stopping insects from making their homes in them. They offer the best drainage of water to your downspouts. This prevents mosquitos from using your gutters as a breeding ground as well.

    They will also reduce the number of annual cleanings you will have to do. 

    Protect Your Home With Gutter Guards

    Your home is worth protecting. Water overflow from your gutters will cause major damage to your home’s foundation! And mold and termites love wet siding.

    Protect your home and your family from mold, termites, and foundation issues. Find gutter protection that’s right for your home today.

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