April 24, 2024

    Use Shiftsmart to Maximize Your Side Hustle Income

    Approximately 44 million Americans earning additional income is a sign that starting a side job is no longer as difficult as it was before. The rise of platform technologies and remote working has made a wealth of earning opportunities available to the general public. And there is something for everyone.

    It only takes a two-minute application and a short time for the approval to start filling out surveys on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk marketplace. An acceptable car and license are just about all you need to drive for Uber. And aside from the necessary skills, an Upwork profile is sufficient to launch and sell a specialized service online. 

     However, it has to be said that taking on additional work and the nature of this work is seldom so straightforward – especially if you’re still managing a day job. Dedicating enough time to both endeavors can often prove challenging. This is one of the critical problems that companies such as Shiftsmart aim to solve. Here’s how their innovative platform can help you maximize your additional income.

    What is Shiftsmart?

    The immense economic losses suffered during lockdown have created widespread uncertainty in the business world. To sustain operations, employers are increasingly foregoing permanent hires in favor of temporary staff. This is raising demand for short-term shift workers among companies looking to improve employee quality and fulfillment. 

    Shiftsmart exists to facilitate connections between job seekers and organizations in the shift workspace. If you’re looking for work, get started on the platform by downloading the Shiftsmart app. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and features everything you need to secure and schedule shifts. 

    Choosing Work

    The emphasis on freedom and flexibility extends to the range of jobs that Shiftsmart offers. New openings are added daily, and you can apply for specific shifts or multiple positions at once. This makes it easier to maintain a steady flow of work during extended periods away from your primary job.

    Whether you’re an expert on the phone or you prefer dealing with people directly, chances are you’ll find a shift that suits your abilities and work style. Listed below are just a few of the industries supported by Shiftsmart:

    ● Administration

    ● Customer service

    ● Event staffing

    ● Hospitality

    ● Retail

    ● Restaurants 

    ● Security

    ● Warehousing

    Along with traditional shifts, you can also take on remote work that can be done anywhere. This further expands the number of opportunities you have to make the most of your side job. What’s more, this is particularly valuable if you reside in a location where there aren’t many businesses hiring in-house staff.  

    App Features

    On the Shiftsmart mobile app, you can see available shifts on a handy overview tab that displays the exact location of each opening. 

    There’s a payments tab that details your earnings, as well as a calendar and schedule tab to organize shifts and stay on top of work. You can also view and customize your profile, which keeps track of your work history.  

    With endless opportunities at your fingertips, Shiftsmart is certainly worth considering if you’re looking to earn extra income or build work experience. Be sure to give it a try!


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