July 12, 2024
    Understanding the Role of Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers

    Understanding the Role of Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers in Preventing the Spread of Germs

    Sanitizing wipes clean and sanitize surfaces, reducing the presence of bacteria, viruses, and germs. They can also be used on the skin to remove dirt and sweat before entering sensitive areas like computers or touch screens.

    Keep a sanitizing wipe dispenser near transaction areas like checkout counters to remind people to wash their hands after handling money or using shared electronics. These dispensers are constructed of fire-resistant aluminum and steel and feature heavyweight bases.

    Ease of Use

    Sanitizing wipe dispensers provides a quick, convenient way to disinfect surfaces and hands. They are a safe alternative to traditional spray and wipe cleaning methods because they do not require chemicals or special training. Plus, they can be used in various environments, from offices to fitness centers to hospitals.

    A stylish, sanitary wipe dispenser helps keep wipes ready and is an excellent addition to any facility. It has a durable, rust-resistant finish that blends into the decor of any room and is easy to clean. It has a non-slip ring that keeps the dispenser in place on the countertop or other surfaces.

    This stainless steel sanitizing wipe dispenser is ideal for health clubs, gyms, schools, residential and commercial spaces, and offices. It holds most “wipe on a roll” products and features an airtight lid that snaps shut to prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating and keeping the wipes moist. The top, upward dispensing nozzle is easy to open and close, and the container lifts off for easy refilling.

    Add this stock-printed sanitizer wipe floor station to your warehouse, retail store, restaurant, or healthcare facility as a convenience for your customers. The free-standing wipe stand has a dispenser and disposal section that includes concise text and vivid graphics reinforcing the benefits of hand sanitization.


    Sanitizing wipes are used to disinfect and sanitize nonporous surfaces and people, which have proven essential in preventing the spread of germs and controlling dust. They’re perfect for high-touch areas like shared doorknobs, keyboards, and machinery. Additionally, sanitizing wipes are safe and effective for direct use on hands, making them a great hand hygiene option when soap and water are unavailable or inconvenient.

    Wipes should be appropriately stored to retain their moisture so they’re still effective at killing germs when they’re needed. Keep them away from sunlight or heat, which can diminish their effectiveness. It’s also essential to use wipes designed for your needs.

    Many disinfectants have different pathogen-kill claims, so choose a formula that meets your facility’s specific needs. For example, a facility that handles food may require a procedure that kills E. coli, salmonella, Listeria, and other dangerous pathogens.

    Glaro’s sanitizing wipe dispensers and waste receptacles are ideal for facilities that want to promote cleanliness and hygiene. They’re available in several sizes and styles, from wall-mounted dispensers to stand-alone buckets that can be moved throughout your facility. Additionally, we offer customized logo applications to help your organization reinforce a brand message that supports cleanliness and safety.

    Our sanitizing wipe dispenser with a 19-gallon Trash Receptacle provides dispensing and disposal in one convenient unit. Its vertical design makes it an innovative space-saving solution, freeing up floor space while offering an attractive aesthetic suitable for any facility. The all-in-one dispenser holds Monk disinfecting wipes, and it comes with a matching trash receptacle that features a top opening for dispensing and side openings for discarding.


    The material and construction of a wipe dispenser are critical to its durability. Depending on the product, it may need to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use in high-traffic areas. It may also need to hold various wipe container sizes and be easy to clean.

    Commercial sanitizer wipes are formulated to be effective against many pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more. This will depend on the formula of the sanitizer and the amount of time the germ-killing solution must be in contact with the harmful organism to kill it.

    For example, HT Antisept 12 HR Forte disinfectant wipes feature an alcohol-based formulation with both bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They are also dermatologically tested and rated to be kind to the skin. This makes them an excellent choice for cleaning shopping trolley handles, where fungus and bacteria often grow unchecked during market visits.

    A sanitizing wipe dispenser can be placed in high-traffic areas to encourage occupants to clean these frequently used surfaces. In addition, communication from management (emails, posters, signs) describing when and how to use disinfectant wipes can further boost usage in your facility. This will help reduce the risk of infection and maintain your facilities’ sanitation standards.


    While janitorial staff clean high-touch surfaces in your facility regularly, sanitizing wipe dispensers helps employees and patrons stay safe by reducing the spread of germs between people. By placing these hygienic, easy-to-use dispensers in areas of your facility that see high traffic, such as elevator buttons and stair rails, you can encourage occupants to wipe down their hands before using these common touchpoints often touched by many people daily.

    To maximize effectiveness, consider your specific needs and what types of germs are most commonly found in your facility. Look for wipes designed to kill various pathogens and check their label for the number and type of germs they kill and adequate contact time/dwell time.

    Also, determine if you would prefer wipes with or without a fragrance and whether you need a scented or unscented formula. Lastly, look for options that meet your preferred price range. Whether you choose a stand-alone dispenser, a wall-mounted dispenser, or a bucket of wipes for hand cleaning, you’ll find plenty of options to fit your facility’s budget.

    Once you have a dispenser system, educate your team on proper usage and provide clear signage for all occupants to understand how to use these convenient hand-cleaning tools effectively.


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