July 12, 2024
    The Ultimate Guide to Using the Amazon Seller App

    The Ultimate Guide to Using the Amazon Seller App

    After you’ve signed up as an individual or professional seller on Amazon, it’s time to start tracking key metrics. This will help you stay on top of your business and avoid pitfalls like overselling.

    Advertising is a great way to promote your products and grow sales. Seller Central provides tools for creating Sponsored Products ads, and brand-registered sellers can also use the Brand Dashboard.

    Inventory management

    The Amazon Seller App helps sellers streamline inventory management by providing real-time sales data and analytics. The app enables users to create, manage, and advertise their product listings effortlessly. Users can also access valuable resources and support through the app.

    The app also helps improve customer engagement. For instance, it provides sellers with the number of pending customer messages in their inboxes and alerts them whenever they inquire about their products. This feature enables them to respond to customers quickly and demonstrate exceptional customer service.

    The Amazon Seller App also lets users scan physical items and use the app to take quality photos of their products. They can then use these photos to create or amend listings on the platform. In addition, the app provides insight into their inventory by allowing them to review product-level inventory details and FBA inbound statistics. They can also see their inventory performance charts and estimated profit margins.

    Product research

    Effective product research is critical for Amazon sellers to succeed. Using tools like SellerApp and DataHawk allows them to stay up-to-date on keyword performance and product rankings, which ultimately helps them make better decisions about their e-commerce business.

    Another effective way to research products is by looking at Amazon’s Best Sellers page and determining the most popular products. This method will give you an idea of what products are selling well and help you uncover potential product ideas for your store.

    Finally, you can use the tool to find profitable product opportunities by filtering by keywords, price range, sales numbers, number of competitors, and more. This tool will help you identify the best product niches and uncover hidden gems that can lead to a successful e-commerce business. It also lets you determine whether a particular product is worth the investment.

    Customer service

    Amazon provides sellers with several tools to help them grow their businesses. One tool available is the amazon seller app, which offers account management anytime, anywhere. The app is free to download, and it helps you stay on top of your business with real-time sales data and analytics. It also offers streamlined inventory management and accessible customer communication.

    To use the app, log in to your seller account and click “Home.” Then, scroll down and click on Communications or Feedback. You can check for any pending customer inquiries on this page and then respond. You can even select from a few templates that Amazon provides.

    This will minimize the chances that a customer complaint will negatively impact your seller account’s health. The app also enables you to monitor sales, create product listings, update existing ones, and manage advertising campaigns. It also gives you valuable resources and support from Amazon’s Seller Central platform.


    The Amazon Seller App provides valuable tools for online store management, including real-time sales data and analytics. The app lets sellers communicate with customers, track inventory levels, and manage advertising campaigns. Additionally, it provides access to valuable resources and support from the Seller Central platform.

    The first thing you should do when using the Amazon Seller App is to log in with your seller credentials. Once you do, you will see a screen that displays your account summary and other essential information. You can also view your payment history and download statements.

    You can use the app to visually search with your smartphone camera or text search for new products to sell. The app also has a history tab that stores previous searches. It also allows you to view the top-performing products and analyze sales trends at a product level. You can also view your profit margins and sales growth.


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