March 1, 2024

    The Most Common Reasons Why Garage Doors Need Repairs

    There are several reasons to consider when you have a garage that needs to be repaired. These include broken torsion springs, bent cables, or damaged panels. Fortunately, there are also several ways that you can ensure that your door is repaired as quickly as possible.


    If you have noticed unusual noises coming from your garage door, it may be time to get it fixed by professionals at companies like Rainer Garage Door. Noise can be caused by a loose bolt or a broken spring. However, ignoring the noises will only make the problem worse. One of the most common causes of loud noises is a broken torsion spring. These springs are the primary support for your garage door. They attach to the header of your door, and when they break, it releases a large amount of tension. It’s a good idea to replace your springs as soon as possible. Another common cause of loud noises is a bent metal track. This can lead to a grinding sound, especially when the opener is in motion. Similarly, a broken chain can cause a grinding metallic sound.

    Broken torsion springs

    Broken torsion springs are one of the most common causes of garage door repair. They can be a severe safety hazard and cause a wide range of damage to your car and your garage. Besides causing your door to close unexpectedly, broken torsion springs can also be dangerous for nearby people. If you notice a loud popping sound when opening your garage, it could signify a broken torsion spring. If you notice a spring gap, you will want to replace it immediately. A broken spring can cause your garage door to bend and may even break the opener. Generally, there are two types of springs. These include the side and top springs. The top springs are designed for heavier doors, while the side springs are better for standard overhead garage doors.

    Warped or bent panels

    If you have a bent or warped garage door panel, you’ll want to have it repaired as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more damage you’ll cause. One of the main reasons your garage door panels will sag is because of extreme weather. The meetings can take a beating, whether a hurricane or hail storm. This can affect the wood and the paint, leading to several problems. You’ll need to replace the panels on your garage door if they are warped or cracked. However, it may only be necessary to replace part of the door. It’s usually cheaper to replace the panels. Depending on the type of garage door, you might have to consider garage door repairs of the other parts of the system. There are struts and brackets that you can install to help stabilize the door, which can make it more stable.

    Broken cables

    When the cables that lift the garage door become broken, it can cause the door to become unbalanced. This can lead to squeaking and shaking. It may also cause the door to become unsafe. It would be best if you had the cable repaired by a professional as soon as possible. Cables are made of many strands of metal that are wound together. They are designed to withstand high tension and pressure. However, they are susceptible to wear and tear, and they will eventually break.

    To prevent this from happening, you should check the cables on your garage door regularly. Please make sure they are free of debris and lubricants. If they are frayed or rusted, you should replace them. Also, make sure that the drums that they hang on are matched. The wrong size can cause the cables to slip out of their grooves.

    Unbalanced doors

    Unbalanced garage doors can pose a severe safety hazard. They are dangerous because they can hang up, break down, or snap. Also, they are costly to repair. If you have an unbalanced door, it’s essential to take action immediately to prevent damage.

    First, lift the door about three to four feet off the ground to test the balance of your garage door. You may need a ladder to get access to the spring adjuster. Then, loosen the springs by turning them in different directions. This will allow the door to reduce and open more. Run the opener several times to ensure that the door is balanced. Once it is flat, it should stay in place. If you have a rattling garage door opener, it could signify that the springs are loose. The opener may also have a loose belt or chain. It’s a good idea to call a technician to repair it.


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