June 21, 2024
    It's important to be able to spot the common household pests if you want to have a pest free home. Our helpful guide here has you covered.

    The Most Common Household Pests: A Basic Guide

    Are you concerned about pests found in homes?

    It is valid since about 14 million housing units in the United States have roaches. Around the same number of homes saw some rodents. These figures account for homes seeing these pests at least once in the last 12 months.

    When you let these vermin run around, you risk your family’s safety. Learning about the possible pests in your home is the first step toward eliminating them.

    In this guide, we will list the most common types of pests. Read on and find out today.


    These bugs only measure between 0.5 and 2 inches. However, the havoc they cause in your home is massive. Expect these to happen when you have a cockroach infestation:

    • Food contamination
    • Fabric and paper destruction
    • Surface staining
    • Bacteria and disease transmission

    Bug sprays lose their effectiveness after a while. Look around and get rid of every food and water source for these bugs. Remove their hiding places and put out traps. Additionally, if the problem gets worst, hire Cockroach Control service to get rid of the infestation completely.

    Once you set the traps, you can track them whenever they appear. The pest becomes more manageable, allowing you to remove them effectively. Check out this article to learn how to get rid of a cockroach infestation.


    Mice are smaller and more appealing than rats. However, they are more capable of wanton destruction. They urinate and defecate on various household items and clothing.

    The worst part is mice procreate as many as ten times annually. Managing their population as fast as possible is critical. Ensure they have no food and water sources within and outside your home.

    Place traps, rodenticides, or glue boards to get rid of mice. The best places to put these include your garage and kitchen.


    As soon as you find evidence of a rat infestation, call pest removal services. Over 30,000 pest control companies operate in the United States. You will find no shortage of people willing to get rid of this problem.

    After all, rats eat your food supplies and gnaw on wood or wires. When these vermin chew on your wire, they risk starting a fire. Worse, they can spread various diseases like typhus and salmonellosis.

    Removing food sources is not enough to curb a rat infestation. Seal gaps with steel wool or sheet metal to ensure they can’t chew through. Set traps to catch them before they enter your home.


    These bugs attack lumber and damage books, furniture, and food items. Queen termites lay thousands of eggs every day, damaging your home faster than most common household pests. Regardless of the severity, consider calling professionals to deal with these insects.

    Study More Common Household Pests Now

    These are the most common household pests you will encounter. Never let them destroy your investment. Call the best pest control services in your area and let them handle the situation.

    However, getting a professional pest control technician means doing your research. Look into desirable factors and check online customer reviews before committing.

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