May 23, 2024
    There are many benefits of small business coaching, but you need to ask questions. This guide explains 3 questions to ask before hiring a small business coach.

    3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Small Business Coach

    As a business owner, you’ve heard all sorts of advice.

    Think small and fast. Consider the future. Plan to be flexible. Invest in business coaching.

    Wait—what the heck is business coaching? 

    Like sports, lifestyle, accountability, and personal coaches, small business coaches strive to achieve the same goals: improve something, make it better, or update it. Business coaches give advice, offer tips and tricks, and provide consultations. They’re there to help your business thrive by offering an unbiased perspective, one that’s framed by expertise and experience.

    Even the SBA recommends them.

    So, how do you interview a small business coach and find the right one for you? By asking the following questions.

    1. What Other Small Businesses Have You Advised Before?

    Any service that you outsource as a small business owner deserves to answer this question.

    This question spotlights a person’s experience. What businesses have they worked with before, and what were the results of their campaign? Do they have any references, testimonials, examples of their work?

    You may be perfectly fine with working with a fresh face, something inexperienced. But if you need the services of a seasoned coach, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Before you get far in the discussion, know the answer.

    2. What Are Your Job Duties?

    It’s crucial to know what a potential small business coach does within their scope. 

    Some of the standard tasks include:

    • Establishing clear and attainable goals for your business
    • Giving your company an outside perspective that examines what’s working and what’s not
    • Providing business owners with a rubric to measure progress by
    • Accountability holding

    These are just a few of the many things a small business coach might do for you. So, you can ask your candidate something like, What is business coaching to you? Their response will explain a lot about their work ethic—and whether they’ll put in the time and effort for your business.

    3. How Do You Measure Performance?

    You won’t know if a small business coach is working by feeling alone. There needs to be some way to measure progress (or lack of). How can you analyze whether a business coach is truly improving your business?

    During the interview with your potential coach, you can discuss the goals you have for your company. Have a specific vision that will allow you to narrow down your expectations. That way, you can measure performance by something relevant to your goals—such as sales, website hits, event attendees, etc.

    Time to Ask Yourself: Is a Small Business Coach Right for You? 

    Small business owners have many decisions to make—including whether a small business coach is a worthy investment.

    If you’re new to your industry, feel overwhelmed, or need advice, then business coaching may benefit you. If you’re established but interested in expanding or re-branding, a business coach can help. There are several instances like this that require the use of a consultant.

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