June 14, 2024

    Looking To Have Rhinoplasty Surgery?

    When meeting someone for the first time facial features are the first thing that people see and notice, mainly the nose, but this can be a real insecurity for some people. They look to surgery because very little else will help to change their appearance, that irritating bump across the bridge of the nose, a bulbous tip or maybe just generally the shape or size of the nose. So, where can you find the Best Rhinoplasty Washington D.C. 

    What is Rhinoplasty surgery? 

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can dramatically improve to shape of a person’s nose. It can be quite an invasive surgery but it will certainly achieve a person’s desired look. Rhinoplasty surgery doesn’t always focus on the outward appearance of the nose it can also help internally with functions such as chronic congestion or difficulty breathing. When considering having Rhinoplasty surgery it is important to do lots of research and to choose a surgeon who is fully qualified with lots of experience in the field of Rhinoplasty surgery. Any surgery is no easy as so finding someone with an abundance of skill and knowledge will help put any mind at ease and reassurance that they are receiving top quality care. This will also help with adding to self confidence knowing that the surgery has been carried out to the highest standard. 

    Having a consultation for Rhinoplasty surgery?

    Having a consultation visit is when you will meet the surgeon and it is an opportunity to build up a trusting relationship between patient and surgeon.  At this stage the surgeon will carry out a physical example of the nose, they will also explain all the options, both surgical and non invasive, for the surgery. An amazing appeal to the Rhinoplasty surgery is that during your consultation the surgeon will use computer imagery to show before and after pictures of the potential results.  This allows the patient to visualize how they will look after the surgery. 

    During the Rhinoplasty procedure 

    The patient will be under general anesthetic during the procedure and depending on the extent of the surgery being undertaken it can take anywhere between one and four hours.  Once the surgery is completed patients are able to go home to rest and heal. 

    After Rhinoplasty surgery expectations

    As the Rhinoplasty surgery can be invasive it is common to experience certain symptoms after receiving it. Some of these symptoms can include discomfort and tenderness, headache, swelling, brushing,  bloody nasal discharge and numbness to the tip of the nose. The first 24 hours after surgery is when the patient will experience the majority of these symptoms but during recovery they will soon ease off. After 5 days the external stitches and splint will be removed and full recovery time is expected around 7 days. In just one week a corrective surgery on your nose can help people to feel their absolute best, taking away those insecurities away and giving people back their self confidence with a while new look designed exactly to their specification.


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