February 24, 2024
    While not every plumbing issue is an emergency, it's important to know when it's time to call a plumber. Click here to learn more.

    How to Know When It’s Time to Call a Plumber

    It always happens at the worst time, but is there ever a good time to have plumbing problems? Sometime’s it’s easy to know you need to call a plumber.

    There is water spurting all over or you can’t unclog a drain. Other times serious issues may not be obvious. Waiting to contact a plumbing professional can result in a worsening problem that costs even more to repair.

    Every year about 10% of all homes have a leak that wastes 90 gallons or more of water per day. The cause may be dripping faucets, worn-out toilet flappers, and other valve leaks. If you see a dramatic increase in your water bill, you probably have a leak.

    Just this one problem is enough of an issue that the Environmental Protection Agency holds a nationwide Fix a Leak Week, scheduled March 14-20, 2022. The purpose is to find leaks in homes.

    Rather than wait for a special event, you need to know what issues require contacting a plumber. Read on for problems to be on the lookout for in your home.

    Gurgling Sound

    If every time you run the dishwasher, laundry, shower, or flush a toilet you hear a gurgling sound, you may have an impending problem. This sound is usually an indication that the plumbing system is trying to find air.

    The inability to locate air means there is a blockage somewhere in the piping. If the blockage is not cleared you will end up with water backing up into your home.

    Frozen Pipes

    If are not receiving running water and instead hear clanging noises, your pipes are frozen. You need to hire a plumber immediately. If the problem is not resolved you will have cracked or burst pipes. Once pipes burst you will have flooding and water damage within the home.

    Toilet Doesn’t Stop Running

    If your toilet is consistently not turning off after you flush it, this is an indication that you have a water leak somewhere. Even a minor leak in a toilet tank can cause your water bill to sky-rocket quickly. Often this is due to a faulty seal connecting your toilet tank to the bowl.

    Check for a leaky seal by dropping a bit of food coloring into the tank, but do not flush! Go back and check after 30-60 minutes.  If the color is in the toilet bowl, you have a seal leak.

    It may seem simple to purchase a seal and install it yourself. If you don’t purchase one that is a perfect fit, your tank will continue to leak. It is much easier to call a plumbing business, let them check things out, and do the repair.

    Drainage Problem

    If the bathroom or kitchen sinks are taking longer to drain than normal, even after using a plunger or other method of clearing the pipes, you likely have a blockage requiring professional attention. By looking for a plumber near me you will find a nearby professional who will get you serviced quickly.

    Sewage Odor

    This is one you won’t miss, but wish you did. The smell of rotten eggs is a good indication of a broken sewer pipe or vent in your home.

    You need to hire a plumber before the blockage causes health and environmental issues within the home. Not repairing the damage can also cause damage to your home’s foundation.

    Always Call a Plumber

    When you have plumbing problems it is always advisable to call a plumber. They have the expertise to find and repair the problem before extensive damage is done.

    If you enjoyed learning about when to contact a plumber, we invite you to check out our blog for more great information on a variety of topics.


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