June 13, 2024
    How to Design a Modern Fireplace Mantle

    How to Design a Modern Fireplace Mantle

    If you prefer asymmetry, arrange your art or decorative accents slightly off-center on the mantel. This will make the display feel balanced.

    Paint the surround in a shade that coordinates with your walls or other trim in the room. This allows the mantel to stand out without competing with the surrounding decor.


    Although a mantel has long been associated with traditional fireplaces, modern designs have brought this timeless design into the 21st century. Many materials can be used to fashion modern fireplace mantle that blends seamlessly with various home décor styles.

    The material chosen for a mantel will dictate the overall look and feel of the space. Reclaimed wood, for example, offers a unique and rustic style that blends well with modern homes, while brick is a classic option that looks great in craft revival and cottage-style homes.

    Stone is another popular option for fireplace surrounds because it can be molded into any design you like. Tile is also an affordable option that adds a clean look to a space. Metal-clad fireplaces are another bold option that creates a dramatic impact and works well in contemporary or industrial-style homes.


    The color you use to paint your mantel will help set the tone for the room. You can go neutral for a timeless look or use bright or dark hues to make a dramatic statement. To achieve a unified design, the color you chose for your mantel should match the rest of your decor.

    If you’re not a fan of a traditional fireplace surround, consider using concrete or other nontraditional materials for your mantel. These modern and sleek options can help open up an expansive space by reflecting light.


    Fireplaces and the mantels above them are often the focal point of a room where family photos and special mementos are displayed. They can also be the perfect canvas for a standout decor piece, like artwork or vases.

    Consider using an organic shape to create the mantel in a modern fireplace design. Instead of straight edging, use curvilinear lines to add visual interest. 

    Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for fireplaces and mantels. The natural material adds a warm touch to contemporary spaces and looks great when accented with metal art or streamlined frames. A reclaimed mantel can also be a good option for homes with modern fieldstone surrounds since it will add visual texture to the space and help soften the dramatic nature of the stone.


    When designing a modern fireplace mantel, the size should be considered. A larger firebox and surround can create a bold look to command the space as a focal point. A smaller hearth and mantel can create a more minimalist appearance that works well in small spaces or with other architectural features in the room.

    A large piece of art can become the centerpiece of your mantel display. When choosing art, ensure it ties in with the fireplace style and size. For example, this home paired an abstract splatter-painted piece with traditional fireplace elements to create a complementary arrangement.

    Choose a color that matches the mantel and fireplace surround for a more subtle look. This home painted their fireplace a warm orange to match the rest of the home’s color palette. Also, consider using a mat board the same color as the artwork to add a subtle visual element to your display.


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