April 24, 2024
    There are many reasons why people use CBD, but how long does CBD last? Our guide here covers the key things you need to know.

    How Long Does CBD Last? The Complete Guide

    About 25% of Americans experience a sudden case of insomnia throughout the year.

    Thankfully, CBD can be a wonderful sleep aid. However, confusion surrounding the product, causes some people to shy away from giving it a try. One of the biggest hurdles for people who are new to the CBD world is understanding how the product will affect their bodies. If you have questions like, “how long does CBD last?”, then this article is for you.

    By getting the answers you need, you can finally decide if CBD is something you want to try! Read on to learn the ins and outs of taking CBD, at any time of day.

    Different Types of CBD Products

    Let’s start by going over the different types of CBD products. Your chosen consumption method is going to play a big role in how long CBD lasts. Your chosen consumption method will also impact the timeline for feeling the effects of CBD. When it comes to buying CBD, a few of our favorite CBD products right now are edibles, oils, flower, and vape pens.

    You can also get CBD topicals, cosmetic products, and the list goes on. There is also this new variant called CBC oil, which is getting more and more popular these days. Almost anything you can imagine putting CBD in, there is a way to do it!

    How Long CBD Edibles Last

    Let’s say you just ordered your first CBD chocolate bar. It arrives at your house, and you’re ready to take your first bite. However, you know that you have to go to work in about an hour. Should you still chow down? Absolutely! No matter what type of CBD product you’re taking, it won’t get you high in any way.

    The great thing about learning how CBD affects the body is finally being able to rest easy about using it. Since CBD doesn’t have any inebriating side effects, it’s safe to take at any time of the day, even if you’re about to go to work.

    After taking the first bite of your delicious CBD chocolate bar, you’ll have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effects. One of the reasons it takes so long is that the CBD has to travel through your digestive system.

    A certain amount of the CBD’s bioavailability is lost through the digestive process. What this means is that a certain amount of CBD won’t enter your bloodstream, since it has to go through your stomach.

    However, don’t worry! Edibles are still incredibly effective. One of the biggest upsides to edibles is that they last longer than other consumption methods.

    While it will take a little bit longer to start enjoying the stress-relieving abilities, you’ll be able to enjoy them for much longer. How long does CBD last if you eat an edible? The amount of time CBD edibles have an impact on you varies from one person to the next.

    The reason being that tolerance, body chemistry, and other personal factors play a role in how CBD interacts with your body. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect CBD edibles to keep working for at least 3 to 4 hours.

    Taking CBD Sublingually

    Another way to ingest CBD orally, without eating an edible, is to use CBD oil. Whether you’re using a CBD tincture, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum oil, the timeline for feeling effects is going to be the same.

    If you want to feel the effects as soon as possible, we suggest taking your tincture sublingually. Sublingually means simply placing your CBD dose underneath your tongue.

    Wait a couple of minutes for the dose to fully absorb into your body, and then take a sip of water to wash any remnants down. After a sublingual application of CBD, you can start feeling the effects in as little as 10 to 15 minutes!

    However, keep in mind that it does take time for CBD to build up in your body. If it’s your first time taking CBD, it’s possible that you won’t experience any noticeable effects. However, the experience is different for everyone.

    There are plenty of first-time users who have taken their first sublingual dose of CBD and instantly felt the stress-relieving properties. After you start feeling the effects of your sublingual dose, you can expect it to last for about an hour or 2.

    Sublingual applications aren’t going to last as long as edibles, since they interact with your body differently. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy all sorts of CBD’s wonderful health benefits.

    How Long Does CBD Last When Smoked?

    Lastly, let’s talk about smoking and vaping CBD. If you want to vape CBD, you’ll need to get a CBD cartridge, along with a vape pen. If you want to smoke CBD, all you’ll need is a pipe, and of course a lighter.

    After taking your first inhalation, you can start to notice almost immediate effects. Users have reported feeling calmer within five minutes after taking a puff of CBD. However, as with any CBD product, the experience is going to vary from one person to the next.

    If you don’t feel any effects after your first puff, that doesn’t mean you should keep puffing. Instead, stick to the recommended dosage amount, and patiently wait to feel the effects.

    If you still are feeling effects after a few minutes, you might want to up your dosage a tiny bit, and stop there. Gradually increasing your dosage over time is the best way to find your preferred CBD amount.

    Simply taking too much all at once, can make you uncomfortable, and make it difficult to tell how much you need. Once you start enjoying the stress-relieving effects of smoking CBD or vaping it, you can enjoy those effects for at least an hour or 2.

    In some cases, the effects of smoking invading CBD can last for 3 or 4 hours.However, it’s all going to depend on your tolerance and body chemistry.

    How Will You Use CBD?

    Now you know the answer to the question, “how long does CBD last?”. Since CBD isn’t going to get you high in any way, it’s safe to take, no matter what time of day it is. Go ahead and decide what your preferred consumption method would be, and start looking for a reputable supplier to buy your products from.

    Remember to start low and slow when it comes to creating a CBD dose until you find your preferred dosage amount. For more fun tips like these, check out the rest of this site.


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