July 14, 2024
    Do you think you may have a main sewer line clog at the office? Click here to see what you can do to fix a sewer line clog and get those toilets flushing.

    How Can I Unclog the Main Sewer Line at My Office?

    Your main sewer line probably doesn’t have a fatberg blocking it — but it soon could.

    Want to know how to prevent fatbergs, as well as any sewer line clog, in your office? After all, you probably are reading this because you are noticing unusual noises, bad odors, and slow drains.

    Don’t worry, we have the answers. All you have to do is keep reading to find out your next course of action.

    Bring in the Big Guns

    The best way to clear your main sewer line if you’ve got slow or backflowing drains is to get vacuum truck services. If your business has any issues, eliminating those coming from the main sewer line through a vacuum truck service will be the biggest step to fixing the problem.

    At the very least, it will help you determine if it’s a building problem, or a main-line problem going to the city sewers.

    Make Sure There’s Proper Ventilation

    Yes, bathrooms get really smelly from backed-up drains. You’ll need the fans going at full speed until you can solve the problem.

    However, the ventilation we are talking about are vent stacks for the sewage lines. If you don’t have proper ventilation for your drainage system, water won’t flow properly and get trapped in your building’s drainage system.

    The capillary action allows trees to get water all the way to the top branches. It also allows sewage to be blocked to the top levels of your office building. Allowing proper ventilation eliminates this capillary action from taking place.

    Only Allow Toilet Paper and Waste

    Most people will scoff at the restriction, in today’s society of entitlement. You can’t beat physics, though.

    The toilet is only designed to take toilet paper and waste, period. Feminine products and so-called flushable wipes don’t come close to that category. Those hearty cotton-based products become a basis for fatbergs to be seeded and grow.

    These products are difficult to process, causing millions of dollars more per year for municipalities to deal with waste processing. They even must have specialized shredders installed in waste processing facilities to deal with “flushable” wipes.

    Don’t use them in toilets. Provide wastebaskets for all employees to put non-TP or waste products in.

    A Clog-Free Main Sewer Line

    Now that you know the top contributors to a main sewer line clog, you know what you need to do. However, it’s worth keeping the contact information for Drainage Services from Express Drainage Solutions, or another reputable professional service in your area, on hand to effectively address your sewer line issue should you need it.

    Keep your main sewer line clear of non-flushable items. You can use a vacuum truck or hydro-jetting your main sewer line, or a combination, to clear it and allow free flow to the city line. You can also ensure proper ventilation for drainage to function.

    Want to know more ways to keep a clean sewer? You could be looking for new tech and health news. Whatever the case, we have more in store.

    Keep browsing to find out!


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