April 24, 2024
    Ready to stop ask yourself: what are the best rifle scope mounts? If that's the case, then take a look at everything you need to know today!

    Gun Guides: What Are the Best Rifle Scope Mounts?

    When you buy a new rifle, you might be so excited that you get forget one of the main components. Sure, you need to have a solid gun, good ammunition, and a high-quality scope. 

    But you can’t forget the thing that actually helps you hit whatever target you are after. And that’s the scope mount. Without the right mount, you’re not going to be hitting very many targets.

    Luckily for you, we are here to help. So keep on reading and we will take you through everything you will want to know!

    1. Weaver Modkins

    These interracial bases and rings are built to fit into a Weaver-style Picatinny rail. This makes the base and ring system extremely easy to install and one of the best types of rifle mounts. And you’ll get peace of mind knowing that the scope is going to securely lock in place with this setup.

    This mount has a built-in tap strip. That is going to make sure that the rings don’t damage the scope tube when it is installed.

    When you install this mount, it’s going to use single heavy-duty nuts and claw clamps. You’ll be able to be very accurate with your install and it will also take you no time at all.

    This is a great system to use when you want to test multiple guns at one time with just one optic. It’s easy to switch from one rifle to another with this mount. 

    2. Nikon Black Cantilever

    Nikon now sells a full one-piece, heavy-duty rings and rail set that is made for 30mm scope tubes that tend to deliver additional strain and stiff recoil.

    This combination of rings, base, and mount retain a 20 MOA base in the Weaver style. That is going to give the scope an extra 20 MOA past the normal elevation that is obtained with turret adjustments and sub-tensions.

    This ring utilizes four sets of screws for extra strength and also current CNC construction. With these higher-end quality optics systems, extra lapping is not required.

    You’ll be able to get up to sixty pounds of torque with the Mil-Spec hex nuts on the base clamps. This allows the scope mounting system to attach to cartridges like the big 338 Lapua. However, it won’t bust the screw heads and ring mounts loose because of too much recoil.

    This is a great rifle scope mount for anyone who likes to shoot heavy-caliber firearms. 

    3. Nikon Black Precision Scope Ring

    Similar to the other Nikon scope mount, this system is based on a traditional level base system. However, it is a one-piece unit. 

    This is going to rid of the additional pieces of screws and metal. Each screw will increase your chances of failing. The fewer screws you have, the higher your odds will be for the system to stay together under intense use.  

    You’ll achieve optimal scope contact with the dual-integral rings. Plus, you’ll be able to handle sixty inches per pound of torque with the hex head nuts. 

    4. Warne Quick Detach Rings 201LM

    Warne rings utilize an indexable lever system. This makes them a great choice because they offer a quick detachable system.

    The design also uses Weaver bases or rails. This makes them universal when it comes to applied applications. 

    the Warne one-piece is a popular choice for all sorts of slug shooting shotguns and working rifles. 

    The Warne rings make use of something known as the recoil control key. This can be an issue on some individual ring setups when used on rifles with a lot of recoil.

    Most deer hunting-style scope applications would benefit from the one-inch rings. You want to use this kind of mount if you don’t need oversized rings. 

    5. Warne Gen 2 Extended

    The M16 and AR-15 flattop both make use of the low Weaver-style rail. That means that the use of a razed-style cantilever is a great choice when you bringing your scope high enough against your cheek when you are aiming. 

    6. Burris Optics PEPR

    With this rifle scope mount, you are getting a system that is extremely popular with AR-15 platforms, chassis rifles, and long-distance receiver rail applications. 

    These mounts and bases are a one-piece cantilever-type system. It locks onto a Weaver-style rail with two large knobs. 

    This base setup offers you the chance to get the total setup in a one-inch through 30mm ring sizing. 

    The ring tops come with secondary rail mounts for the addition of spotlights, red dots, night sights, or laser signing and ranging systems. 

    This mount is well made, flexible, and extremely simple. The cost is not very expensive when you compare it to other mounts. 

    7. Vortex Optics Precision Matched Rifle-Scope Rings 

    The materials for this setup are extremely good quality. They are offered in 35mm, 34mm, and 30mm tube sizes. The rings are mainly meant for professional use or for hunters who want the best that is available to them. 

    These rings are best when you are shooting at very long distances.  

    The Importance of Knowing What the Best Rifle Scope Mounts Are

    Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now feel that you have a better idea of what the best rifle scope mounts are. As we can see, there are a variety of high-quality scope mounts out there. This is why it is so important that you understand your needs before you make a purchase.

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