June 14, 2024
    Florida Man December 25

    Florida Man December 25: Different Kind of Santa

    December 25 is a magical time of the year when people are celebrating the holidays. Not to mention that most people are taking some time off work and waiting for the new year.

    But that’s not all, December 25 is also the time of crazy and even inspirational Florida Man stories. Some of these stories will blow your mind and make you wonder what people are going to do next in Florida. These Christmas stories are a bit different from the usual, and involve marijuana and alcohol.

    Florida Man December 25, 2019 – handing out gifts on Christmas

    On December 25, 2019, a Florida Man was arrested after he handed out marijuana to a bunch of random passersby. His reason? Well, it was Christmas, of course.

    Richard Spurrier, the police officer who handled the case, said that the Florida Man had about 45 grams of marijuana on him when they stopped him in St. Petersburg, at 11 PM on Saturday.

    The police then asked him why he was handing out marijuana to random people, and his answer was because it’s Christmas, and he wanted to make people happy. Not only that, but the police also found a sword hidden inside his cane.

    Despite his reasoning, the Florida Man was still arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell.

    December 25, 2018 – only drinking when he was stopped

    This time, it is the story of a Florida Man who is trying to explain why he was not guilty and failed. The story began with a man who called 911 to report himself for drunken driving on New Year’s Eve.

    The Florida Man explained to the dispatch that he was simply too drunk to drive, yet he did it anyway. He then continued by saying that he is going to get something to eat, and if the cops are going to arrest him, they can follow him there.

    Not long after that, the police found his Ford F-150 parked in the middle of the road. They also found methamphetamine, a few beers, and the fact the Florida Man only had about four hours of sleep in the past four days.

    The man was then arrested and charged with DUI, improper use of the center lane, no seat belt, and driving on the wrong side of the road. Upon further investigation, the man was only drinking once he stopped at stoplights.

    The man claimed that he drank bourbon only when stopped at traffic lights and stop signs. But he was arrested and charge regardless. The Florida Man also had priors, including aggravated battery, hit-and-run, and drug possession.

    Anyone would wonder why the man, who reported himself, even bothered with an excuse. It’s like he was trying to fight himself. And obviously, drunken driving is a very serious problem that can cause injuries or even worse death.

    Final thoughts

    December 25 is truly a magical day, and it is the day when many Florida Man stories are born. I apologize if these stories ruin your perception of December 25 as the best day of the year.


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