April 24, 2024
    From wood to vinyl to carpeting, here are a few floor types to consider when redoing your home. Click to learn more and decide which is best for you!

    4 Floor Types to Consider When Renovating Your Home

    Many things come to mind when considering a home renovation. What paint color will you choose? Will you be replacing any furniture? What about your flooring?

    A room’s flooring ties together its desired aesthetic. There are many floor types to choose from. Depending on your budget and desired appearance, certain types may work better for your needs.

    Read on to discover which flooring is best for you and your home.

    1. Tile

    If you are redoing your bathroom as part of your home renovation, consider ceramic tile flooring. 

    As one of the most popular bathroom flooring options, there’s a large possibility you already have tile in your bathroom. Use your renovation as an excuse to update your tile to a new look.

    You can install tile in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is also up to you if you prefer small tiles or larger ones. Keep in mind that smaller tiles often require more labor, so installation costs may be higher. 

    Coordinate the floor tile with shower and wall tiles. Arranging and laying the tile yourself is often difficult. Consider hiring a flooring company to ensure a quality result.

    2. Vinyl or Linoleum

    Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable types of flooring. The adhesive back of vinyl makes installation a breeze. 

    Opt for high-quality sheet vinyl or linoleum rather than peel-and-stick tiles. This will reduce seams in your flooring and keep moisture from seeping through. 

    While all vinyl flooring is resistant to moisture, luxury vinyl flooring is fully waterproof. 

    Vinyl flooring looks similar to ceramic or hardwood flooring. While it does not perfectly replicate the look and feel of more expensive flooring options, it does look attractive. 

    Topcoats on vinyl floors can last up to 10 years. Vinyl or linoleum floors are a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. 

    3. Hardwood

    Hardwood flooring is a classic and stylish option for many homeowners. The look of hardwood is appealing to the eye and increases the value of your property.

    While it requires faithful upkeep, hardwood can be restored or refinished to repair any damages that may occur. 

    Even though hardwood can have a water-resistant seal, this flooring type is best for living rooms and bedrooms. Any large water leak in a bathroom can cause extensive damage to wood floors.

    If you’re looking for the appearance of hardwood floors without the cost and upkeep, consider laminate flooring. Laminate is made from a high-quality photo of hardwood printed onto a fiberboard. 

    If you have the proper tools and time, you can install laminate flooring in one day.

    4. Carpet

    While carpet is not as popular as it once was, it is still a great choice in bedrooms. High-quality carpet will give off a warm and soft feel that is perfect for bedrooms. 

    Carpet is ideal for homes located in colder climates. It is also a smart choice for families with small children due to its soft nature. Do note that while carpet is cost-effective upon installation, it requires upkeep with stains and odors.

    Consider installing carpet tiles. If a spot gets damaged, you can replace the tile without replacing the entire floor. 

    Choose the Best Floor Types for Your Home

    You may discover that a combination of a few different floor types is best for your home. Maybe you want tile in your bathroom, carpet in your bedroom, and hardwood in your living room. 

    Have fun choosing your flooring and remodeling your home. For more home tips, check out the other articles on our site.  


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