July 14, 2024

    Five Top Blackjack Games Everybody Should Try

    Most players may think about having a crack at blackjack and not realise that there is a wealth of options for them to choose from. Blackjack is no longer just one game but dozens. Most online casinos have several options for you to choose from, and this can make exploring very much worth your while. Join us as we explore the primary games you may wish to play at Rollers casinos today – https://www.rollers.io/

    Classic Blackjack

    While there are many top titles to choose from, Classic Blackjack is naturally a perfect choice for beginners. It has all the basic moves, including hitting, standing, doubling down, taking insurance and splitting. However, it lacks some of the finer points when it comes to house edges, rule changes and so on. As most blackjack variants are founded on top of Classic Blackjack, it is clearly the ideal choice for first timers.

    Blackjack: Surrender

    Of all the blackjack games out there, only two offer you a “fold” feature. These are Blackjack: Surrender and Blackjack: Early Surrender. Both games can be played at selected casinos but aren’t widespread. That’s what makes them appealing. The primary feature in these games is the ability to fold (known as surrendering) if your initial hand is sub-par. Doing so will see you save half your bet.

    Blackjack: Double Exposure

    There are other blackjack games out there that are worth a punt, too, and Blackjack: Double Exposure is one of them. In this game, you’ll be eligible to have a stab at blackjack with both the dealer’s cards exposed. Of course, this good fortune comes at a price. Like most blackjack variants, a higher house edge and rules changes such as dealers winning draws and lower payouts for blackjack can be expected in games such as this.

    Blackjack: Perfect Pairs

    Another popular and common game is Blackjack: Perfect Pairs. Now we should stress something here. Blackjack: Perfect Pairs is no different from Classic Blackjack, at least in terms of blackjack gameplay. However, it is different in that it permits you to place side-bets.

    These can be based on the poker ranking of your hand, airs, colours, suits, or anything else. It makes for an interesting addition if a costly one. The probability of winning side-bets isn’t high, but as the old gambling cliché goes, high risk can bring high reward, and the prizes for these side-bets are most certainly that.

    Blackjack Switch

    Did you know that there is a blackjack variant that actively allows you to swap cards between hands? It costs a bit more because you’ve got to have at least two hands on the go, and the game closely follows the rules of most multi-hand blackjack games.

    However, Blackjack Switch is an exciting game that is worth a look at. Its primary feature is permitting the swapping of cards from one hand to another. However, you’ll again encounter changes to RTP, payouts and rules to offset the advantage you gain.


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