May 18, 2024
    From social media to apps to traditional marketing, you can find customers in multiple ways. Click for some ideas to get started and grow your business!

    How to Find Customers That Will Love Your Business

    Your storefront is ready. There’s a fresh coat of paint on the walls and the perfect essential oil diffusing in the air. You unlock the front door to your business and — no one shows up.

    Owning a business is so much more than spiffing up a space or crafting a beautiful online storefront. You need to find customers before your pocketbook starts showing more red than black.

    Keep reading to learn how to find buyers and keep them once you have them. 

    Be Responsive

    Strive to create relationships with your customers. You can start doing this by responding to their comments, questions, and concerns. 

    If you’re getting comments on social media, take the time to acknowledge each one. This is especially useful when it comes to dealing with complaints and concerns. By showing people you care about their experience with your business, you’re fostering a relationship that could translate to a repeat customer.

    Be Appreciative

    You know you appreciate every customer that walks through your door or visits your online storefront. Do your customers know just much you appreciate them, though?

    Chances are you tell them “thank you,” but could you take your appreciation even further?

    If you have an online store, include handwritten notes with every package. This will only take a few moments of your day, but it’s a nice personal touch that sticks with your customers.

    Brick-and-mortar store owners can take the time to get to know their clients. Genuine interactions are memorable for your customers and will keep them coming back. Who knows, you may even find yourself forging new friendships through your business. 

    Hold a Contest or Sale

    People love discounts. Put up a sale rack if you have a brick-and-mortar store or give out coupon codes for your online storefront.

    But what people love more than discounts is free stuff. 

    Host a social media contest to get people engaging with your content. There are many different approaches you can take, so choose one that jives with your business strategy. 

    Restaurant owners can ask their followers to answer a simple question to win a free breakfast. Every comment increases engagement so you’re visible to more people. 

    Advertise Right

    One of the easiest ways to reach and find your target customer is to choose the right advertising avenue. Tweak your marketing scheme so it’s interesting for your target audience.

    Take baby boomers for example. The 57-75 year-old-crowd actually spends more time online than their children. So if you think brochures or mailouts are the best way to reach them, you’re wrong.

    This generation loves videos, reading articles, and spending time on Facebook. Provide a lot of information about your product and keep your Facebook content fresh.

    Younger crowds need a different marketing approach. If you’re a cannabis dispensary, for example, you need a way for your clientele to find and reach you. Apps like are perfect for connecting you with your ideal audience.

    Don’t Work So Hard to Find Customers

    Being successful in business isn’t rocket science. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and use our tried-and-true techniques above. We know our tricks will prove to be indispensable in helping you find customers.

    Keep reading our business blogs for more tips on crafting a successful company. 


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