June 12, 2024

    Custom Canvas Prints: Achieving A High-Quality Print & Perfect Display

    Many Americans used the time at home to improve their lifestyle the last couple of years. A recent study found that 70% still plan to redecorate their homes this year.

    And after a fresh coat of paint, the walls will need a new look. That’s why many have turned to custom canvas prints to upgrade their decor.

    Custom print on canvas can add a splash of elegance to any room. But it’s essential to get high-quality custom canvas prints first.

    So if you want to avoid some common mistakes with customized printed canvas, keep reading. This guide will help you decorate your home and save you unwanted issues.

    The Best Image Source

    Social media has become a regular place for people to find images. But grabbing a file from Facebook, Instagram, or even your cell phone often causes issues.

    Social media versions generally have a low resolution. So when they become enlarged, they look like cheap custom canvas prints.

    The best way to ensure high-quality custom canvas prints is to use at least 300 DPI files in size. Upload the full-size version of the file you want. But be careful not to get the image printed too large to keep the resolution.

    Combining Images

    One way to avoid making a custom print on canvas too large is to collage images. Family pictures and events are great for combing in a single frame.

    Yet, a common mistake is putting too many images in one frame. Fewer images with varying sizes can give your collage a professional look. Providers with art experience like customcanvasprints.com will guide you through the process.

    Sizing Images

    One of the most common mistakes with custom canvas prints is choosing the correct size. More than with any other format, it’s crucial to crop your image for the best impact.

    Remember that customized printed canvas overlaps the image to the sides. Many high-quality custom canvas prints look spectacular without a frame. So leave room for a gallery wrap of your image.

    Shaping Your Custom Canvas Prints

    If you don’t mind what some custom canvas prints cost, there are many choices besides standard size. Most paintings, for example, are either portrait or landscape shaped.

    Some of your images may look better on the wall in different forms. A panoramic shape can become a showpiece hanging over a couch or on a large wall. Use custom print on canvas to make your space shine with art.

    Use Materials That Last

    If you want to avoid the look of cheap custom canvas prints, choose the best material. Custom canvas prints can last up to 75 years if printed on quality material.

    Linen is the benchmark material for long-lasting custom print on canvas. But acrylic paint canvas will give your photo years of enjoyment with proper care. But with either, consider hanging them in a place without direct sunlight.

    The customized printed canvas is among the most versatile materials for exhibiting artwork. By taking the best steps to create your images, you too can enjoy the benefits in style.


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