April 24, 2024
    Are you struggling to decide what your brand's identity should be? Check out these brand identity examples to get you on the right track.

    Creating a Character: 4 Brand Identity Examples

    Take a moment to think back on your days in elementary school. Chances are you had one or two assignments that tasked you with choosing three words with which to describe yourself.

    You may think those days are long behind you, but being a business owner presents you with similar challenges. To truly capture your audience, it’s crucial that you create a phenomenal brand identity.

    Luckily, there are plenty of successful brands to take inspiration from. But which are the best branding examples?

    We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for four of the greatest brand identity examples!

    1. Nike

    Nike is one of the best fashion brand identity examples to take inspiration from. Not only have they found extreme success, but they’ve done it with simplicity.

    Think of the iconic Nike swoosh—it’s instantly recognizable but so simple that it can easily be slapped on everything, from reusable name tags to full-window advertisements. 

    Much of Nike’s brand identity surrounds success and determination. They’ve made an effort to collaborate with top athletes to build on this identity, as well as emphasize their tagline of “Just Do It”. 

    2. Ikea 

    Ikea has become a favorite among college students and new apartment owners. Why’s that? It’s because it brands itself as a simple store for everyday people.

    Ikea doesn’t go out of its way to create an inventory full of upscale, flashy items. Instead, it focuses on the basics at affordable prices. That’s what makes it one of the best brand identity examples for those searching for more casual vibes.

    Its goal is to be relaxed and lighthearted in order to attract young people who are searching for simple and easy to assemble products.

    3. Sugar Me Smooth

    It’s hard to make something as painful as body waxing appealing. However, the Sugar Me Smooth company has managed to do it!

    Sugar Me Smooth is one of the best personable brand identity examples. They’ve done an outstanding job at marketing through Instagram especially.

    Their most popular Instagram advertisements feature a high-energy actress, who sympathizes with the viewers about the troublesome nature of waxing. However, with witty dialogue and realistic example shots, the brand is able to make itself appear extremely user-friendly.

    4. Oatly

    Oatly claims to be the world’s first-ever oat milk creator, dating back to the 1990s. While it’s got years of credibility behind it, the business is a pro at staying current and branding itself as cool and trendy.

    Its graphics, signature fonts, and captioning do a great job of attracting customers. Since dairy alternatives are especially popular with younger generations, Oatly uses funky lettering and quirky hand-drawn illustrations on their packaging and marketing materials to appeal to their target audience.

    Take Inspiration from the Best Brand Identity Examples

    It can be difficult to craft your brand identity, but it’s key to accurately attracting your target demographic. With the brand identity examples above, you’ll have no trouble building your own ideas and utilizing popular brand identity elements.

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