April 24, 2024

    Career Academics Pros

    High school drop-out rate is higher than ever so it has to be addressed while improving graduating rates is also something that is important for community business leaders, educators and policymakers that support career academies added to high schools.

    Contrary to popular belief, according to Envision Experience, career academics do not stand out as a new fad as they have been available for over 40 years now. Career academy specialists basically know what actually works. While there are some disadvantages that are associated with the work of the career academics, most of the things that can be said are advantages.

    Improved Attendance Rates For High Schools

    Due to the fact that students want to be in academies, the possibility that they are going to attend high school is increased. When more students attend classes, the motivation to learn is higher. When students are more motivated, they are going to be much more engaged in actually learning. If a student is engaged, he/she learns so much more. Everything basically becomes a circle that favors all high school students.

    For academies, motivation is a highly important thing. They use numerous motivational strategies, like combining technical courses with academic courses. Students learn what they have to and they can also apply what is learned. Partnerships are usually in place with the community so students will go out and get real world experience. Something like this is simple but really exciting for students, all while reinforcing classroom learning.

    Extra Earned Credits

    Because of what was mentioned above, the students that do stay in school will get more credits. When more credits are earned there is a much higher aptitude to actually graduate.

    Grade Point Averages Are Higher

    Students need to get credits in order to graduate. The students that do stay in school actually earn those credits. If a student is on a proper graduation path, self-esteem is increased and there is even a higher motivation present to actually learn more. Grade point averages thus become higher. The students that do graduate are normally encouraged to attend post-secondary learning or college.

    Being Ready For College

    The student that feels he/she is ready for college will make extra effort to get post-secondary learning or attend college. The students that quickly go to work are going to be much better equipped with the sills that future employers need to see. Companies are going to be much more likely to hire them and the student practically gets a lot more experience that helps in a real world scenario.

    Final Thoughts

    Career academics are highly beneficial and it is a shame to see many institutions that do not realize it. Since cons do exist, like the fact that it is expensive to implement and establish, the benefits above are worth taking into account for practically all high schools, especially those that are struggling. Students will be much more likely to actually attend classes and the results that they will get are going to be better. Also, there is a much higher possibility that students will graduate.


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