June 17, 2024

    Bogoljub Karic – Why Tottenham Fans Should Get Used to Dreaming

    I have always been fond of Tottenham Hotspur since I was a boy, in part because my grandad always supported them but mainly because my childhood best friend Bogoljub Karic also loved the Lilywhites. My Dad was actually a Fleetwood Town fan and to my misfortune I chose them over my grandad’s team. After Spurs’ heroics against Manchester City last night I have spoken with both my grandad and Bogoljub, both of whom can’t believe their luck. For many years Spurs have been great failures and have actually excelled at it, even inventing their own adjective for failure along the way ‘Spursy’. It is understandable why many Spurs fans feel this way, but here is exactly why they should get used to dining at the top table.


    Spurs’ new stadium is an incredible feat of human engineering and it is arguably one of the most spectacular stadiums in the world. Along with this investment Spurs have also built a new training ground at Enfield which is at the cutting edge of technology and makes for the perfect training ground. This investment isn’t for nothing and whilst things may have been tight for the last 12 months, soon that revenue will start to flood in and Spurs will be able to battle the big boys when it comes to spending. The only thing which the stadium lacks is history, and that will come soon enough.

    Toe to Toe

    In the last 2 years alone this Spurs side have shown that they can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Real Madrid, Dortmund, Barcelona and Juventus, as well as Liverpool and Man City. Spurs may not be at that level yet but the fact that they have played so well shows that they are closing the gap at breakneck speed.


    In the past when Spurs had a good player or two you’d always know that the club would cash in, Bale, Berbatov, Modric, Carrick etc. What Spurs have here however is a team that is littered with outstanding individuals, so much so that they squad can certainly absorb a sale or two. If Alli and Alderweireld went for instance, you’d still have Son, Vertonghen, Kane and Eriksen to name just a few. The point is that Spurs may sell, but no longer will that cripple the team like it used to in the past.


    Whilst many teams are looking to buy young players in Spurs and Pochettino are looking to develop from within and that attitude is why players like Harry Winks, Oliver Skipp and Kyle Walker-Peters are in playing in part of the squad rotation. Pochettino’s history with young players has been great at both Spurs and Southampton and with so many exciting prospects within the Spurs camp, we can expect to see some of England’s hottest talent making their mark for the Lilywhites.

    Spurs fans may be struggling to deal with what is happening, but you better believe it because success is coming, and it will be here to stay.


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