May 23, 2024
    When it comes to boudoir photography, there are several things you should understand. You can learn more about this style right here.

    A Complete Guide to Boudoir Photography

    In 2020, we’ve taken around 1.44 trillion photos and this is expected to grow 8.4% by 2022. Although many of us are skilled with snapping photos with our smartphones, there is an alluring style to discover.

    Boudoir photography is a sultry experience, where the model and photographer create an evocative mood with their work.

    Perhaps you’re interested in boudoir photography but you know little about it. Sound like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here’s everything you need to know.  

    What Is Boudoir Photography?

    “What is boudoir photography,” you ask. 

    Hailing from the 1940s, boudoir photography lets you portray the subject intimately. Clients consider booking a boudoir photo shoot for a couple’s anniversary or a present for a partner as a fun gift. 

    But when clients leave, they’re imbued with a new sense of confidence and accept their bodies if they haven’t yet already. As a result, people seek boudoir photography to boost their self-esteem and reconnect with who they are.

    Couple’s boudoir photography is also possible, as partners document their intimacy. Regardless of which you choose, boudoir photography is about creating an authentic mood by playing with light and angles so the viewer can almost feel the couple’s love for one another. 

    Finding the Right Location 

    You’ve learned about boudoir photography, so now you’re ready for a shoot. Like with all forms of photography, find an area with plenty of natural light so it complements the client. 

    Avoid shooting under clinical lights as it won’t be as flattering and will be harder to edit. It’s also important to consider where you’re shooting, as there should be enough visual interest within the frame. Make sure it’s a clutter-free area so that it doesn’t distract the viewer away from the subject. 

    But don’t worry if you’re stumped about the location. Just make sure the model is comfortable with the environment.

    What to Wear

    Before Googling “boudoir photography near me”, it’s important to know what to wear. Many wrongly assume that it’s a naked photoshoot, but boudoir photography is classier than that. 

    It’s important to wear whatever you feel confident in and bring several outfits to find the best fit. Clients should try these in front of a mirror to ensure they can easily move into different positions without having to adjust the outfit.  

    Further, clients must determine their desired style beforehand. For instance, if you’re after a glamorous shoot, then hire a makeup artist to help achieve this look.  

    Use Props

    Props are a fantastic way to add visual intrigue and prevent the model from looking awkward. Find ones that create a sensual image, like pillows, feathers, and mirrors. 

    But avoid over-cluttering the photo with props; otherwise, the message will get lost. For instance, if this is a marriage photoshoot, then enhance the model’s wedding ring or ask them to wear bridal lingerie. 

    Choose the Perfect Camera

    Photographers shooting a boudoir photoshoot often use a lightweight DSLR camera. It must use a mirrorless system so it works with a range of lenses and lighting setups. Plus, this makes it easier for the photographer to move around the model and decreases the risk of producing shakey photographs. 

    Further, figure out which lens to use. If you’re after a casual crop, choose an 85mm lens. But when it’s for a spacious scene, use a 35mm. 

    You should also experiment with the different angles. For instance, when you shoot from a higher angle, then the model looks submissive. In contrast, when you’re crouching down, the model looks empowering and dominant.

    So to find the best perspective, consider what you and the model want from the shoot and go from there. 

    Try Different Boudoir Poses 

    One of the top boudoir photography tips is to experiment with poses. Ask the client which parts of their body to enhance so you can find poses that highlight them. 

    A great place to start is a classic pose, where the client leans back and rests on their feet while keeping their knees slightly apart. 

    If you’re unsure what to do with their hands, ask your client to play with their hair or hold a coffee mug. Or, for female clients wearing a man’s cardigan or sweater, ask them to pull it around their body so it enhances their figure. 

    You should also ask the client to lay on their back so that it’s perpendicular to you. Keep the knees and feet bent while stretching out the legs to elongate them. Or, to keep it simple, tell the model to arch their back and keep a cushion under their arm.

    During the shoot, harness the power of “flow posing”. This is when you take a collection of boudoir shots while the model naturally moves into each pose, perfect if they initially feel awkward.  

    Retouching Boudoir Photos

    You’ve selected your top photos, so now it’s time for a light touch-up. Avoid over-editing the photos because it will harm the model’s self-esteem and produce unrealistic images.

    Instead, use Photoshop to remove any blemishes or smooth any minor imperfections like scars. You should also ask the model for their permission so they’re not shocked when viewing the photos.  

    Use Our Boudoir Photography Guide for Success

    Hopefully, after reading our boudoir photography guide, you now know more about this style. 

    Start by figuring out the purpose of the photoshoot so the location, props, and attire align. Make sure you use a lightweight DSLR camera and ask the model to try an array of poses until you’re both happy. Happy shooting!

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