July 12, 2024
    There are several different signs you need a new roof. If you would like to learn more, you should check out our guide right here.

    9 Signs You Need a New Roof for Your House

    If you’re like most people out there, you don’t have a roofing contractor’s license. So knowing what specifically to look out for when it comes to your roof can be tricky. 

    What can homeowners do to make sure they are keeping up with their roof’s maintenance? Here are nine signs you need a new roof for your house.

    1. The Last Time the Roof Was Replaced Was a While Ago

    If you’ve owned your home for a while, you should have records of some sort as to when the roof was last replaced. A typical roof should last anywhere between 20 to 25 years (depending on what roofing materials were used).

    So if your home records show it’s been about that long (or you just can’t remember the last time it was replaced), you might want to look into getting a roof replacement soon.

    2. Leaks Are Starting to Appear

    When you go into your attic, are there signs of water intrusion or moisture? Do you see small drops of water running down your attic beams? Or does the attic area seem unusually damp?

    A leak is usually an obvious giveaway. And water in the house can cause a lot of costly damage. So if there are signs of a leak, start looking into your roofing options right away.

    3. Mold Growth on the Roof

    Climb a ladder occasionally to inspect the roof. If there is some gross black or green mold growing on the shingles or tiles, it could suggest there’s a problem. 

    4. Cracked Shingles or Broken Tiles

    While you’re up there doing your roof inspection, do you see evidence of cracked shingles? Are your tiles starting to break in certain spots?

    Any wear and tear on your roof over time can provide openings for water to get in. So tarp over certain trouble spots and give your local roofer a call.

    5. Granules Are Building Up in the Gutter

    As harsh weather such as wind and rain slam against your roof, it can wear down the granules on the outside of your shingles. This makes them less waterproof over time. If you’re seeing a build-up of granules in your gutter, that could also mean it’s time to see which roofer is in your service area.

    6. Dark Streaks 

    See any weird dark streaks on your shingles? What is that?

    More than just a troublesome stain, dark streaks can indicate something a bit worse. Airborne algae like to settle and eat away at your roof. And while a simple cleaning with a bleach mixture can do the trick, be aware that repeated exposure over time eventually leads to needing a replacement. 

    7. Missing Shingles

    A strong storm can cause your roof to get quite a beating. And roof shingles come loose and go missing.

    If you live in an area that is prone to strong storms like hurricanes and notice you have some missing shingles, a roof replacement may be warranted to keep water from getting in your home.

    8. Curled Shingle Edges

    Another sign of your roofing materials wearing out is if the edge of the shingles is starting to curl. Excessive heat and wind damage can make the shingles start to lift up and allow water in through the cracks.

    9. Flashing is Damaged or Cracked

    The metal flashing, such as what’s around skylights or chimneys, is installed to keep water from infiltrating through the opening in your roof.

    During your roof inspection, take notice if the metal flashing is looking warped, damaged, or has some cracking. It could be signaling that a roof repair or replacement is nigh.

    Catch the Signs You Need a New Roof

    As a homeowner, keeping track of your home’s maintenance goes a long way in avoiding more costly damage in the future. So try and notice these basic signs you need a new roof to keep the cost (and hassle) to a minimum.

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