July 12, 2024
    Each season brings new environmental elements your house has to face. Check out these five exterior home repairs you should consider for your home to stand out.

    5 Exterior Home Repairs and Maintenance To Think About This Year

    What do people see when they pull up to your home? This first impression spells a lot about both the appearance and value of the property. 

    When you improve curb appeal, you can get 7% more on the resale market. You probably think about lawn maintenance when considering curb appeal, but there are several exterior repairs you should also look into. 

    Start with the following exterior home repairs to get the best from your home. 

    1. Fix Loose Porch Parts

    A bad porch is both an eyesore and a safety liability. 

    It’s important to fix your porch if anything is loose, faulty, or falling apart. You’re relying on this structure to support your weight any time you use it. Serious injuries can occur when you trust a structure that can’t hold you. 

    Take care of the railing, fix any cracks in the steps, and make sure every part is tight and secure.

    2. Take Care of Old Windows

    Window repair or replacement can make an old home look new again. Inspect your windows and either fix or replace one that is cracked, crooked, or damaged. 

    Purchasing new sets of windows can also serve as a style upgrade. Buying a new window for your home might cost anywhere between $200 and $1,800 each. 

    3. Repair or Upgrade Your Driveway

    Taking care of your driveway is another curb appeal essential. The driveway houses your vehicles and is also one of the largest structures in front of your home. 

    Quickly get some repair work if your driveway has craters and potholes. A replacement might be preferable if it’s been several years since you’ve resurfaced or repaired your driveway.

    Driveway repairs might cost you $500 and up, while a new driveway starts at $1,800. 

    4. Consistently Clean Out Your Gutters

    Gutter cleaning is one of the most important forms of maintenance that you’ll do for your home on a regular basis. It keeps your roof from getting drenched due to backed-up water. Additionally, if your roof is in need of some repair, you could contact a reputable company like this roofing in Gentry, AR firm, or anywhere you’re located, to source immediate assistance to get your roof looking brand new!

    Cleaning the gutters allows for better drainage, which also keeps your home foundation dry and damage-free. Taking care of your gutters also goes hand-in-hand with siding repair, roof repair, and power washing.  

    A company like Above All Gutter VAC can explain the importance of these services and how you can get the most from them. 

    5. Get a Fresh Paint Job

    Look into some brand new paint colors if you’d really like to transform your house. A new coat of paint will make an old home look as good as new, and can also improve your property values. 

    Choose colors that stand out and go well with the style of your house. Always hire professionals so that the job is done correctly. 

    You might pay $2 to $6 per square foot for a home paint job. 

    Make the Best Exterior Home Repairs

    Exterior home repairs mean a lot to the care and value of your property. Focusing on these jobs guarantees that your home continues to serve you and maintain value for years to come. 

    Check out our other posts for more information on how to take care of your home repair needs. 


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