June 13, 2024
    If you are planning a vacation to Disney World, this guide can help make it a success. Here are some common Disney vacation mistakes and how to avoid them.

    5 Common Disney Vacation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Disney parks around the world welcome an average of around 156 million guests every year.

    If you too are considering visiting one of these different Disney parks soon, the pressure of planning a family vacation to remember can make the process both exciting and daunting at once. But, there’s far more chance of falling prey to common Disney vacation mistakes if you get carried away and fail to do your research beforehand.

    So, what mistakes should you try to avoid when planning your Disney vacation? Keep reading to find out!

    1. Visiting During Peak Season

    Coming to Disney parks during the summer, spring break, or the holidays means fewer options for hotels, longer lines on popular Disney rides, and more waiting for everything. What’s more, peak seasons tend to be more expensive so you’ll need a bigger Disney vacation budget as well as a lot more patience! Instead, try to come when the kids aren’t off school and you’re sure to have a far more magical time.

    2. Not Planning Ahead

    As one look at this DVC sellers info. will show you, Disney parks aren’t only theme parks. They’re mini-cities where people come so often that they buy vacation apartments nearby. And, as these seasoned experts would tell you, you have to come with a plan.

    First and foremost, you should pick the popular Disney rides you want to try. From there, you can decide on the order to hit them in to make the most of your time. And, we also recommend booking dining options for at least the first couple of days of your vacation to avoid long waits for food.

    3. Skipping Parks

    While we’re on the subject of plans, make sure to work all the different Disney parks into your schedule.

    Disneyland has two parks and the Downtown Disney District. Walt Disney World has four parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs. All these different Disney parks have something special to offer so don’t think that only visiting the Magic Kingdom will be enough to do the Disney experience justice.

    4. Attaching Your Credit Card to You Magic Band

    This might seem like a smart move, but it’s also a surefire way to blow your Disney vacation budget! With your credit card on your wrist, you’ll end up missing out on freebies for convenience and spending way more than you anticipated. Instead, keep your credit card in your purse and use a combination of cash and Disney gift cards instead.

    5. Arriving Late and Leaving Early

    Most people hit the park around 11 am and leave around 9 pm. Not only does this cause tons of lines at the buses and popular Disney rides, but it also means they miss out on the perks of the off-peak hours. As well as better photos and shorter lines, early birds get to enjoy different street shows. Likewise, staying late gives you a chance to see the fireworks and catch the kiss goodnight at Cinderella’s castle.

    Common Disney Vacation Mistakes

    Almost all visitors have made at least one of these common Disney vacation mistakes in the past. Maybe you’ve even made them yourself if you’ve visited before.

    But with these tips to guide you, planning a Disney family vacation should be a lot easier now.

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