April 24, 2024
    Do you think you've outgrown your house? Make sure you take a look at these signs to find out if you should put your home on the market.

    11 Signs It’s Time to Put Your Home on the Market

    Should I put my home on the market? As a homeowner, you might have asked yourself this question once or twice. 

    Putting your home on the market can be intense. The home selling process is long and involved and can leave you feeling tired and frustrated. It is complex and involves a variety of tasks, such as finding a real estate professional, adding curb appeal, cleaning and staging your home, and hiring a professional photographer. 

    For these reasons, selling your home is a decision many homeowners do not reach without careful consideration.

    However, selling your home can be a great idea. 

    There are a variety of reasons to sell your home, and all of them are valid. Sometimes, selling means making room for your growing family or adjusting to becoming an empty nester. Oftentimes, selling can be the start of a new adventure for your family. 

    If you have been thinking of putting your home on the market but aren’t quite sure if you should, here are several signs it’s time to sell your home. 

    1. You Are Emotionally Ready to Move 

    One sign you should sell your home is if you are emotionally ready to leave. This might feel like you’ve outgrown your home or feel it no longer fits your needs. If you are emotionally ready to move, make sure to “Avoid These 7 Mistakes While Selling Your House”.

    2. You Are Financially Ready to Move

    One of the best reasons to sell your house is if you are financially ready to move. This can happen if you are living in a starter house you purchased while saving for your forever home. If your finances are in great shape and you want to move, you are likely ready to sell your home. 

    3. You Have Outgrown Your Home 

    Have you outgrown your home? Then it’s likely time to move. 

    If you don’t have enough bathrooms, are repurposing rooms, are running out of storage, or have no room to host friends and family, moving is a great idea. If you are compromising your comfort because you are out of space, consider looking for a new home. 

    4. You’ve Outgrown Your City 

    One sign you should think of selling your house is if you have outgrown your city. This can happen for a variety of reasons. 

    You might have moved into the city or neighborhood as a career-focused single and are now happily married with children. If the city you live in no longer fits your need, consider moving. 

    5. It’s a Seller’s Market 

    One reason to sell your house fast is if you live in a seller’s market. This means the demand for homes is high, much higher than the supply. A seller’s market often results in competition for your home, waiving contingencies, bidding wars, and more.

    If you have been thinking of selling your home and are currently in a seller’s market, contact a real estate professional.  

    6. You Have Positive Equity 

    If you have been paying on your home for at least five years, you likely have built up positive equity. This means when you sell your home, you will likely gain money after the balance of your mortgage is subtracted from the price of your home. 

    When you have positive equity, you can afford the costs associated with buying a new home. This is one of the best times to sell your home, especially if you are experiencing a seller’s market. 

    7. You Have Potential Buyers 

    Once in a while, you might find yourself with potential buyers for your home. Your neighborhood might be thriving and the hottest place to be in town. 

    Although a changing neighborhood might not be a great fit for you, it will create a lot of interest in your home. If you have been thinking of selling and have potential buyers, you might want to start the home selling process. 

    8. You Need to Downsize 

    One of the most common reasons for moving is downsizing your home. This usually happens when you find yourself an empty nester and suddenly have more home than you need. When this happens, selling your home can be the start of a new and exciting venture.

    9. You Want a Better Commute 

    One of the most common signs you should sell your home is if you need a better commute. If you have a job you love but hate the commute, why not relocate? Buying or renting close to your job can save you money, time, and a lot of frustration. 

    10. You Fell in Love With a New City 

    Have you ever traveled to another city and immediately fallen in love? While this can be a rare occurrence, it does happen. 

    Whether you are traveling for work or visiting a loved one, finding a place you want to call home is fun and exciting. If another city is calling your name, it’s time to put your home on the market. 

    11. You Are Ready For a New Adventure 

    Sometimes, the best time to sell your home is when you are ready for a new adventure. This might be the only sign you see, but it’s an important one. If you are ready to leave your old life behind and travel a new path, it is likely time to sell your home.  

    These Are the Signs It’s Time to Put Your Home on the Market

    There are many reasons putting your home on the market is a great idea.

    You might be emotionally and financially ready to move to a new place. You might also have positive equity, a change in income, or potential buyers for your home. If it’s a seller’s market or you have fallen in love with a new city, selling your home is a great idea.

    If you are experiencing one or more of these situations, consider putting your home on the market.

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