April 24, 2024
    Have you ever seen a denotation on CBD products stating that it's full spectrum CBD? Let's dive into what this labeling means.

    What Does Full Spectrum CBD Mean?

    Cannabis-based products are no longer the taboos that they used to be. Though fifty years ago they were being blamed for the problems of this country, now over a third of all Americans have used CBD

    You might be looking at various CBD products for the treatment of pain or anxiety. This is a wonderful option. However, it’s important to know about all sorts of CBD products, like broad-spectrum CBD, CBD isolates, and full spectrum CBD. 

    Many people have heard of full-spectrum CBD — but what does it mean? 

    This article will hone in on full-spectrum CBD and teach you everything you need to know about this important class of CBD products. 

    How Does CBD Work? 

    To understand what CBD is, you have to understand how CBD works as a product for consumption.  

    CBD is quite different from marijuana in several ways. First off, it’s taken from hemp plants, which are types of cannabis plants specially grown to have low levels of THC. If a certain percentage of THC is hit, it has to be legally categorized as marijuana. 

    The leaves of this product are either packaged directly, bake into goods, or purified. The method of delivery is what determines whether it’s full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolated CBD. 

    CBD works by acting on the “cannabinoid receptors” in your brain. When the chemicals in CBD products link up with these receptors, your body can relax, and your brain becomes less anxious. 

    What is Full Spectrum CBD? 

    Full-spectrum CBD products are those that have been altered the least. They have the least CBD purity, but that isn’t a bad thing. All of full-spectrum CBD’s impurities make the most natural option on this list.

    The lack of alteration means that full-spectrum CBD products don’t just contain CBD in them — they contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including minor cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG and the other major cannabinoid, THC. 

    The presence of THC doesn’t disqualify a CBD product from being CBD. The primary purpose is still to promote relaxation and pain relief. THC, in fact, can work together with CBD to enhance these effects. 

    THC’s main presence in cannabis products is to cause psychogenic effects — marijuana’s signature “high.” It’s true that there is a chance that it may cause one to get a little “high” if they’re taking full-spectrum CBD products. This is why they’re recommended for end-of-day use to react with.

    However, THC can also provide its own set of pain-relieving effects. CBG and CBC have their own benefits, reacting on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to produce the desired effects of the medicine. 

    But the advantages do not stop there. One of the biggest advantages of full-spectrum CBD is the entourage effect. This is a phenomenon where the chemicals of the various cannabinoids work together to create an effect greater than the sum of their parts

    This means that making use of full-spectrum CBD allows one deeper levels of healing.

    To truly understand the uniqueness of full-spectrum CBD, you have to put it in context. Let’s look at the other types of CBD and what makes them different from full-spectrum CBD. 

    CBD Isolate 

    CBD isolate is just what it sounds like — pure, unadulterated CBD. To get maximum CBD purity, that CBD has to be extracted from the hemp plant.

    This leaves you with a fine powder that bears very little resemblance to the hemp plant. CBD isolate, being so fine, can’t be smoked, and can only be used sparingly in foods. 

    On top of that, it seems much more like a “traditional medication” since it’s so foreign to what things in nature look like. What you gain in purity you sacrifice in the appeal of CBD. This is why many people go with full-spectrum CBD. 

    On top of that, people using CBD isolate won’t gain the benefits of the entourage effect, making CBD not quite as effective as full-spectrum CBD. 

    Broad Spectrum 

    Broad-spectrum CBD is somewhere in between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD has had some of the other cannabinoids removed from it but not all of them. 

    Because of this, broad-spectrum CBD looks like full-spectrum CBD but has some of the properties of CBD isolate. It’s important to note that some broad-spectrum CBDs are more similar to full-spectrum while some are less similar. 

    Is Full Spectrum CBD the Best Kind of CBD? 

    At the end of the day, it’s hard to say what the best kind of CBD is. Different types of CBD are different for different types of people.

    However, for the problems, CBD is usually said to treat (pain relief, anxiety relief, relaxation, increased quality of life), full-spectrum CBD is undoubtedly the best. As far as the traditional uses of CBD go, full-spectrum CBD is right for you.

    However, your CBD experience will depend greatly on the products you use. Check out this great product we found, Pachamama CBD Full Spectrum CBD.

    Use the Best CBD Products

    As you can see, full spectrum CBD is a great option for anyone looking to get the full spectrum of benefits from their CBD products. If you can put up with a little bit of THC and a whole lot of minor cannabinoids and wait until the evening when you have no responsibilities to use your CBD, you’ll have one of the most optimal CBD experiences possible with full-spectrum CBD. 

    Understand every type of CBD and what the best products are before you make any kind of decision. Anything related to cannabis was once looked down on, but now, people realize just how great they can be. 

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