June 12, 2024

    Wayne Imber discusses how to choose the Urgent Care Center for you

    Wayne Imber is a geriatrician with many years of experience in his field. There are over seven thousand centers to choose from in the US and as health care costs continue to increase and so does the demand. Consumers have many choices for fort worth urgent care as well as most cities across Texas and the rest of the USA. This sometimes makes the decision even harder to make, so here are some top tips of what you need to look out for when making this all-important decision.

    Ultimately you want fast, convenient, affordable and accurate service. The number one thing you need to ask is will they take my insurance, care is costly, and you need to have whatever treatment is required, it is no good saying no sorry that is too expensive! So, ensure that you check out that your policy will be accepted at the chosen facility and if not, it is best to go elsewhere.

    Secondly, you need to know how much it is going to cost. If there is an excess amount that you might have to pay and also so that you can compare the prices. Even though the insurance will cover it, see above, you still do not want to pay over the odds for your care. Some of the centers are actually run as Emergency Rooms and this significantly increases the cost and is best avoided if possible.

    The next thing you want is to be seen in a timely manner. Convenience is also an additional requirement if at all possible. You might want to consider a location with extra weekend and evening hours. It is also recommendable to choose a care provider that is part of your primary provider’s network this means that they will have access to all of your records and they will be able to speak or contact your usual doctor if required.

    You obviously want to ensure that the practice you have chosen has many qualified and professional team members on board, do a little bit of research and check out any reviews that the center may -have. Find out what their reputation is like in the surrounding area. Check that they have digital x – ray facilities and check if they have board certified doctors who are even more qualified than in house doctors usually are.

    You may also want to ask will they provide that extra special care or just treat me as another statistic. You want them to offer quality and compassion and again this is something you can establish by finding out what kind of reputation they have. Anyone who has been to them who they have gone the extra mile for is likely to leave a message of gratitude, seek these out.

    For your final checks you may want to look into the history of the care center, look into their branding and mottos, see what they promise you and see if this is in line with how you wish to be treated and how you feel about the service you require and how you want it to be delivered.


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