April 24, 2024
    Sex is a highly intimate and involved act, but more than that, it can be linked to several health benefits. Learn more about the benefits of sex.

    Top Mental and Physical Benefits of Sex

    Close to 80% of Americans have had sex at least once in the past year. If you are part of this fortunate majority congratulations! You got to reap some of the benefits of sex without even realizing it.

    There are plenty of health benefits of sex that can help your mental and physical health and provide a boost to your overall constitution.

    The following top mental and physical benefits of sex will have you ready to give your partner a call for some intimacy.

    Sex Releases Endorphins

    We are biologically programmed to enjoy sex and receive a host of sex benefits. One of the main benefits of having sex from a biological standpoint is that the act itself releases endorphins.

    This causes natural chemicals such as serotonin to flood your brain and cause a boost in mood. Endorphins are good for your mental health and can help combat things such as depression. 

    Sex Boosts Your Ego

    One of the health benefits of good sex is that you and your partner can both enjoy a major ego boost. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing you provided a massive amount of pleasure for both yourself and your partner.

    Sex Helps You Reproduce

    Sex first and foremost is a reproductive function. While there are many pleasurable aspects of it to enjoy as well, its primary purpose is to continue the human species.

    If you are ready to take on the challenge of being a parent, sex is your gateway to having kids.

    Fitness Benefits of Sex

    Sex will keep you in shape. You burn a lot of calories and activate some core muscle groups when engaging in a passionate romp with your partner.

    This can be one of the major benefits of sex for women or men who are looking for a more exciting workout than a trip down to the local gym.

    Sex Inspires Creativity

    If you want to continue to be inspired during your sexual escapades, you need to get creative. This is particularly true when you get past the age 30 milestone and are trying to keep things interesting with your partner

    Try getting some different kinds of sex toys to keep things from getting dull. You also may want to check out the Kama Sutra for some inspirational and creative positions to try.

    Sex Can Give Your Life Meaning

    In a sometimes dull and mundane world, sex can give you something that adds some spice to your life.

    If your life has felt devoid of meaning as of recent, take a step outside the rat race for a weekend and work on your sex life.

    Having good sex with a partner can take your relationship and human connection to the next level. If you are looking to increase and deepen your connection with someone, sex is one of the best ways to do this.

    Have As Much Sex as Possible

    Sex is free, fun, healthy, and can help deepen human connections with your fellow human beings. If you choose to have sex, make sure that you do so safely and respect your partner(s).

    That said, having as much sex as possible will let you enjoy all the benefits of sex on a regular basis. Go have sex today with someone you value and enjoy all of the benefits discussed in this article.

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