June 12, 2024
    Do you want your warehouse employees to feel more comfortable? Here are some important steps that you should take to improve warehouse safety.

    Important Steps That You Should Take To Improve Warehouse Safety

    According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls are the most common warehouse accidents. Without the proper protection for your employees, you might end up with a big lawsuit. Just imagine driving to your warehouse to see it go up in flames.

    Fortunately, your employees will experience an excellent workplace safety environment with the proper protection. This can help increase employee happiness and confidence, driving productivity and workplace culture. If this is something you are looking for, continue reading to learn more about warehouse safety protocol.

    Safety Rack

    Falling items often cause warehouse accidents. Fortunately, the proper rack protection and safety measures can prevent possible hazards. Check out some rack tips to keep your workplace safe:

    Pallet Racking Backstop

    This is also known as a pallet load stop beam. This device attaches to the rear of your pallet rack to prevent products from flying over the edge and endangering your workers. 


    Warehouse safety netting is less costly than the pallet load stop beam. It provides visibility for employees to observe the items being stored. The netting will not obstruct flue space, which might be an issue with a stop beam.

    Pallet Rack Safety Strap 

    The pallet rack safety strap is fastened to the rear to prevent products from slipping off the pallet. After the initial installation, the safety strap can be fitted to your racking system. 

    Ensure That a Robust PPE Policy Is Followed

    When working in the warehouse, all employees must wear PPE supplied by the firm. This will entail protective footwear, eyewear, gloves (unigloves packages are recommended) and visible clothes. 

    First Aid

    Each warehousing facility should have first aid wardens. These individuals have completed advanced professional first aid training and maintain current certification. In the case of a medical emergency, first aid wardens act as:

    • First responders
    • Medical personnel to access injuries
    • Individuals who provide lifesaving care until emergency personnel arrives

    When a first aid warden quits a firm, they must be replaced quickly. They should also ensure that their certificates are up-to-date by enrolling in refresher courses.

    Establish a Smoking Place Away From Gas and Other Potential Risks

    Warehouses may store a range of flammable liquids and gases, including LPG gas cylinders. To maximize warehouse safety, it’s best to keep cigarettes far away from them. 

    Anyone who wants to smoke must do so inside a designated safety zone. This is to guarantee that cigarette butts or lighters do not ignite a fuel source, resulting in a potentially deadly explosion.

    Appoint Competent Fire Marshals

    Competent fire wardens must be assigned to warehouses that store flammable or toxic substances. These wardens should receive training and maintain current certification. They will be responsible for evacuating workers in the case of a fire.

    Create a Warehouse Traffic Management Strategy 

    The traffic management strategy should properly separate plants and equipment from pedestrians. Moving powered mobile equipment around warehouses, reversing, loading, and unloading are common occupational injuries and deaths. Implementing this strategy helps avoid accidents and injuries.

    Learn More About Warehouse Safety

    The logistics industry centers around manufacturing, distribution of goods, and storing inventories. However, not many people think about safety procedures when it comes to the warehousing industry. Safety protocol, like traffic management strategies, safety rack setup, or even protective gears for employees, can help save you headaches in the future.

    The last thing you want is accidents and fire hazards. You don’t want your team to come to work in fear. With that in mind, check out our blog posts for warehouse safety protocol to create a safe haven for your employees.


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