February 24, 2024
    Found inside of Egyptian tombs and possibly used for religious ceremonies, pipes have a long and interesting history. Read about the history of pipe smoking.

    Explore the History of Pipe Smoking

    The oldest pipe ever found in North America dates back to 9000 BCE. This primitive bone pipe was found by archeologists in a mummy cave in present-day Wyoming. Pipes like this were often used in religious ceremonies.

    Two of the most common substances smoked from pipes during the early days of man were tobacco leaves and holistic herbs. Pipe smoking was ingrained in the societies of early humans.

    For instance, Native Americans would smoke a peace pipe to solidify inter-tribal agreements and settle disputes. From these early simple bone pipes sprang a historical narrative of epic proportions.

    Read on to learn all about it.

    Pipe Smoking in the Ancient World

    Pipes have been discovered all over the ancient world in addition to North America. From Egypt to China, most ancient civilizations have left behind some types of pipes amidst their ancient artifacts.

    All across the Middle East pipe smoking played vital cultural and religious roles. Soon early bone pipes evolved into more advanced contraptions made of wood or metals like copper. As technology progressed so did pipe construction.

    Pipe Smoking in Europe

    Pipe smoking was fashionable in Europe as early as the 15th century. The Spanish brought tobacco back home with them from their New World exploits and favored cigars. Tobacco use spread like wildfire throughout the Old World.

    Other sailors brought back tobacco in various forms and the habit of smoking it as well. The habit soon took off and pipe smoking soon became a favorite way of consuming tobacco across Europe. 

    The Globalization of Pipe Use

    The tobacco trade soon spread from Europe through its vast trade networks during the age of colonization. Pipes soon made an appearance (or reappearance) in far-flung regions such as Africa, Asia, and India.

    As colonization took off, so did the tobacco trade and the resulting use of pipes. Many of the very first colonists in America were tobacco farmers and smoked pipes as their favorite means of consuming said substance.

    Pipes in the Modern Age

    As society became more varied and developed new uses for pipes soon emerged. No longer was the pipe regulated to consuming tobacco. Now substances such as marijuana led to a revolution in pipe construction.

    Glass became one of the preferred medians to construct pipes with. Creative artists made elaborate pipes full of intricate designs and crafted them into a variety of new shapes.

    The Return of the Classic Tobacco Pipe

    Despite all of the advances in pipe design and the cultural identity associated with pipes, the classic tobacco pipe is still a mainstay. You can find many of them to choose from on this site.

    Now the hipster community has taken up pipe smoking in mass making it popular once more. From distinguished individuals to trendy young people, pipe smoking is enjoyed by people of all types in our society.

    Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It

    The history of the pipe is one of technological progression and cultural development. Wherever humanity has gone, the pipe has gone with it. Who would have thought that pipe smoking is such an ancient art?

    Use the information in this guide to find the best pipe for your needs, or find the right one for a smoker in your life. If you liked this content make sure to check in with our site for other facts about history and life.


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