March 1, 2024
    No industry is safe from scams, not even the CBD industry. Learn more about common CBD oil scam tactics, companies, and more.

    CBD Oil Scam: What You Need to Know

    The CBD market exploded over the last few years and is predicted to hit $55 billion by 2028.

    Of course, with any new market comes new risks and the CBD market is no expectation. In particular, CBD oil scams have become a common problem for many buyers interested in exploring the potential benefits. 

    Fortunately, we’ve put together our list of the most common CBD oil scams and how you can avoid them.

    What Is a CBD Oil Scam?

    Anyone looking at buying CBD oil is at risk of a scam. This is because as a new and emerging market, there are many less than reputable sellers hopping on the bandwagon. 

    There are a variety of common CBD scams around which we’ll look at in more depth to help you avoid them. 

    Scam 1: Free CBD

    Be cautious of any company offering a free bottle of CBD oil. It can sound like a great deal and once in a blue moon, it is. However, more often than not, this is a scam.

    The way this scam works is simple. You’re offered a free sample of CBD oil, you just need to pay the shipping fees. You’ll enter your credit card details to pay for shipping and skim over the small print.

    The small print will include a CBD subscription fee of some description. The company you’ve dealt with will make it difficult to cancel this subscription fee, so often you’re stuck paying out a subscription fee for hundreds of dollars a month that you don’t want or need.

    In most instances, the CBD from these companies will be low quality and isn’t tested for content. So, chances are you won’t even get to enjoy CBD benefits.

    Scam 2: Unscrupulous Claims

    CBD has so much potential to help with a variety of medical conditions. But due to it only recently being legalized on a federal level, research is in its infancy.

    For example, we know CBD has definite benefits for epilepsy sufferers. Early research also suggests it could help with a variety of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. However, if your chosen CBD oil producer claims CBD can cure cancer, run away.

    These claims are misleading at best and downright dishonest at worst. Reputable companies offering the best CBD oil do not use this tactic. 

    Scam 3: MLM CBD Companies

    Multi-level marketing companies are abundant in the USA. While some are fine, others are not. Do your research into any CBD MLM company before committing to anything, whether that be from a purchasing perspective or a salesperson’s perspective. 

    Scam 4: No CBD Content

    Like any market, you get high-quality products and low-quality products. Because CBD is yet to be regulated, businesses producing it have no real standard to live up to. This means they can sell a CBD oil product with no quality standards.

    In the worst cases, this means what they’re selling isn’t actually CBD, or holds a very low CBD content. 

    For the best products, with low THC content, you should be looking for full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD hemp oil. These products will have a certificate with them, verifying the batch code was tested in a lab to prove content. 

    Do Your Research

    Avoiding CBD oil scams is easy, provided you do your research. Always be wary of any outlandish claims and make sure to look for reviews to find reputable sellers.

    To start your research, we have plenty more helpful CBD articles available on our website. 


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