September 27, 2023
    Are you interested in learning how to grow your own cannabis plants? Here is a quick guide with everything you need to know about growing weed.

    A Quick Guide to Growing Weed Yourself

    As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, people across the country now have the freedom to grow marijuana in their own homes. If you’re looking for a fun (and rewarding!) hobby, you might want to think about growing it yourself. 

    Growing weed gives you control over the entire process. You get to choose everything from the seeds to the soil, and, provided you take care of the plants, the product you cultivate will be better than anything you’ve ever tried before. 

    To help you jump into growing your own weed, we’ve put together this guide. By the time you finish reading it, you’ll know exactly how to get started with it. 

    Read on to learn all about how to get started with growing marijuana.

    Know the Laws in Your State

    Before you even think about buying equipment, seeds, or anything else that you’ll use in the process, you want to be 100% clear on the laws regarding marijuana cultivation in your state.

    At present, 19 states (including Washington D.C.) allow you to grow your own cannabis. Other states may allow medical or even recreational marijuana but still don’t allow you to grow your own at home. 

    Double-check how much weed (if any) you can grow in your state before getting started. You’ll thank yourself for doing so later. 

    Get the Right Seeds

    If you’ve ever smoked it before, you know that not all marijuana is created equal. Quality varies enormously from one strain to another. Much of that comes from seed type and quality. 

    Make sure that the seeds you buy come from a high-quality source. You want to have no qualms in your mind that the weed you cultivate from them will be euphoric and healing in nature. 

    You also want to know exactly which type of seeds you buy. Sativa, autoflowering, and indica seeds all require different types of climates and care. Knowing what you have will help you better take care of them. 

    Choose Your Soil Wisely

    As is the case with the seeds you plant, soil quality also varies. It might seem tempting to use cheaper soil or even soil from your garden. Try to resist the urge to do that. 

    Cannabis is a finicky plant that requires a specific set of conditions to grow. Something as simple as the wrong type of soil can lead to problems down the road. 

    Choose soil that’s light to foster proper drainage and root growth. You don’t want there to be any pests or fungi, as this can impede plant growth. You also want to get soil with the right levels of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.

    Avoid Overwatering 

    While water is essential for the growth of any plant, overwatering your cannabis plant is one of the easiest ways to kill it. If you notice that your plants appear droopy, there’s a good chance you gave them too much water. 

    Excess amounts of water prevent your plants from getting the oxygen they need to grow strong. Try to avoid watering them unless you know that they’re thirsty. 

    Stick your finger in the soil to test the water levels. If it comes out with dirt stuck to it, it still has moisture. If it comes out dry, it’s time to add water. 

    Provide Your Plants With Nutrients

    If you’re wondering how to grow healthy and strong cannabis plants, the secret is the right balance of water and nutrients. Too much, and you’ll overpower your plants. Too little, and they won’t get what they need. 

    When it comes to plant food, try to find the right balance between over and underfeeding. The key is to start small to see what your marijuana plants can tolerate. 

    Start by giving them around a quarter of what the feeding schedule recommends. If they seem to respond well to it, you can always increase the amount a bit. 

    Prioritize Good Lighting

    If you’re someone who shoves your houseplants by windows and hopes for the best, understand that this probably won’t do much good for your cannabis plants. They need concentrated amounts of specialized lights. 

    Do some research to find an affordable yet high-quality set of LED lights. Read reviews, and if you know anyone who grows their own weed, ask what they use.

    You want to find something that provides your plants with the right light levels but doesn’t scorch or burn them. 

    Be Patient

    Growing weed is an exciting process, and it’s one that many people can’t wait to see to fruition. When buds start to develop, it’s tempting to pluck them off and enjoy them right then and there. Try to stay patient. 

    Harvesting the plants too early is an easy way to reduce their potency. If you’re growing weed for the medicinal benefits, picking them early will reduce their efficacy. 

    The easiest way to tell when your cannabis is ready to harvest is by looking at the trichomes—the tiny hairs on the plant. When they’re white with hues of amber, you know they’re ready.

    Growing Weed Made Easy

    If you’re certain that the state you live in allows it, you might want to consider growing weed. Doing so allows you to embark on a fulfilling project that provides you with a fun and satisfying result. 

    To help you get started, make sure to follow the weed growing tips mentioned in this guide. In doing so, you’ll be well on your way to having healthy marijuana plants that provide you with high-quality weed. 

    Are you looking to learn more about the cannabis plant and growing marijuana? If you are, make sure to check out the rest of our site for more great content. 


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