February 29, 2024
    Are you looking for some new cannabis strains to try? This guide will talk you through some that you're bound to enjoy.

    6 Flavors of Cannabis Flower You’ll Love

    Are you a cannabis user who’s looking for new strains to try? According to Medical News Today, there are currently over 700 types of cannabis flower strains.

    Different cannabis strains provide unique medicinal benefits and flavors. Some cannabis strains provide a body high that’s calm and relaxing while other strains provide a head high that’s more stimulating and energizing.

    By learning about these different cannabis strains, you can reap the benefits tailored to your specific needs.

    Keep reading this guide to learn about 6 flavors of cannabis strains that could be beneficial for you.

    1) Cherry Cough

    Cherry Cough is a fantastic Indica strain with 17% THC. This strain is great for users who are seeking a body high as its couch locking effects are extremely powerful.

    That being said, it’s important to start at a lower dose to avoid any adverse effects of the strain.

    Users of Cherry Cough report that this strain produces calmness and euphoria aiding in things like anxiety and depression. Some users also report that Cherry Cough invokes creativity.

    If you’re someone who struggles with mild to moderate pain Cherry Cough can also help. The strain also stimulates appetite which can work great for those with nausea.

    Finally, this strain has a very distinct cherry flavor and scent. Some also report a spicy, sour, and pine taste.

    2) Ice Cream Cake

    If you’re looking for a cannabis indica strain with a delicious flavor, you will love the strain Ice Cream Cake. This strain is made by crossing Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake and contains about 23% THC.

    The crossing of these two strains produces a sweet taste, almost like a piece of vanilla cake. Some users also report a nutty or lemony taste as well.

    Since this strain is indica-dominant, it is known to be great for anxiety, sleep, and stress. That’s because Ice Cream Cake produces sedating and relaxing feelings in the body.

    This strain also works great for depression because many users report feelings of happiness while using the strain.

    If you suffer from chronic pain, Ice Cream Cake may also work great for you.

    3) Harlequin

    Do you like sativa cannabis strains, but have trouble dealing with the paranoia symptoms that sativa strains can produce? Then, Harlequin might be for you.

    The reason that Harlequin is less likely to induce panic attacks or paranoia is that the strain contains around 9% CBD which balances out the 5% of THC.

    Users report that this strain works great for appetite and pain. Likewise, it can also help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

    Users also note that this strain is great for focus due to the balance of THC and CBD. Harlequin also serves as a great pain reliever and helps with inflammation and nausea.

    As for flavor, Harlequin tends to taste earthy, and some notice a slight hint of a citrus fruity taste as well.

    4) Cookies and Cream

    Are you looking for a quality hybrid strain of cannabis? Cookies and Cream is an excellent hybrid that is made by crossing Starfighter and an unknown Girl Scout Cookie phenotype.

    This strain contains about 20% THC and many describe the taste as sweet with a vanilla flavor. In fact, some even equate the taste and scent to actual cookies and cream ice cream.

    Cookies and Cream is also known to aid in stress, anxiety, and depression, making people feel relaxed and euphoric.

    Cookies and Cream can also help pain, sleep, and appetite.

    5) Aliens On Moonshine

    Aliens On Moonshine is an indica strain that crosses the strains White Moonshine and Sour Alien. Aliens On Moonshine is great for those who love a strong taste to their cannabis. That’s because it’s known to have a strong scent and taste of pine along with tropical fruit flavors.

    This strain contains 10% CBD and 4% THC, which makes Aliens On Moonshine greatly effective in treating physical ailments. Examples include physical pain or inflammation like headaches, shoulder pain, and sore muscles. The indica effects of this strain also work great in treating stress and anxiety.

    The high produced from this strain is also known to make people focused and clear-headed. This is unlike some strains which leave people feeling dazed and hazy. Aliens On Moonshine could work great for those who wish to be functional during the day.

    6) Lake of Fire

    We’ll finish with Lake of Fire. Lake of Fire is a hybrid strain that crosses the strains Kobain Kush and Gorilla Glue #4.

    This strain contains 20% THC and 13% CBD. It’s commonly known to produce feelings of relaxation and euphoria. This tends to work great for those with anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

    The hybrid effect also produces feelings of focus mentally and a relaxed feeling physically. This works great if you’re someone who enjoys the stimulation of sativa strains and the relaxation of indica strains.

    Lake of Fire also works great for pain, specifically muscle pain. This comes from the relaxant effect the strain has on the body’s muscles.

    When it comes to flavor and scent, Lake of Fire produces a taste and aroma of pine as well as chocolate. However, users also report a gas-type smell that comes from this strain. This is typically known as “diesel”.

    Try These Cannabis Flower Strains Today

    This guide taught you about 6 specific cannabis flower strains that are known for their distinct flavor. If you’re thinking about trying a new cannabis strain, refer to this guide to help you make the right choice.

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